Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


14. The Visitor

Hermione's P.O.V.

My brain just stopped functioning. One minute I was talking and the next we are standing in his living room snogging. I never in a million years thought that I would ever kiss Draco Malfoy. But somehow here we are my hands knotted in his messy blonde hair and his arms wrapped around my waist.

When we finally broke apart he smirked at me and I glare at him. "I knew you liked me!" He said sounding very conceded.

"Well....... Umm........maybe I......" I started but was cut off by a loud crack. I turn my head at the sound of the noise and all of a sudden there is a black cloaked figure standing a few feet away from us. I reach for my wand and all of a sudden I am flying back and slam into Draco's brick fireplace and can feel the swelling in my back and a warm liquid dripping from my head. I start to see black dots and I quickly shake my head. I can't pass out I have to stay awake. I crawl the few feet it takes to reach my wand when I see Draco is doing his best to hold off this psycho and he is suddenly tied up in the ropes from our attacker's wand. He notices I am still conscious and walks over to me with Draco still tied in the rope and my wand hiding underneath my wand so I can strike at the opportune moment.

He bends down grabs me by the hair. I wince in pain. And he says, "this is only the beginning of the game!" And with that he drops means Draco and just before he apparates away I say a tracking spell that will give me the chance to track this psycho.

After he leaves and Draco is untied he runs over to me but before I can hear him say anything I pass out from blood loss.


When I wake up what I assume several hours later because I am in my room and the sun is shining through the curtains. I try to lift my head but once again I see black dots so I lay my head back down.

"Draco?!?!" I try to scream but my voice comes out horse. A few minutes pass and Draco walks into my room with what looks to be a few potions.

"Morning sleeping beauty!" He says as he walks in.

"Hey how long was I out?" I ask.

"Three days." He says. " on the bright side That creep didn't come back to kill you!"

"Oh hahaha that makes me feel so much better!" I say sarcastically. "He doesn't want to kill me! He wants to torture me until I go insane and only then will he kill me because I will be too stupid to know what happened to me!"

"When did you figure all this out! Cause I have barely left this room since you passed out. So it must have been before I found you!" He says getting angry. "Wait is that why you left cause this..... This...... This thing threatened you?"

"No! I didn't even know this person was after me until after I left. It was because of that letter that I came back! Because I couldn't let anything happen to you!" I scream.

He walks over and hugs me. I feel so safe and vulnerable in his arms. I feel like I don't have to hide and that he will take care of me. But I know I'm fooling myself because I know there is nowhere I can hide.

Authors Note:

Hey guys I was so inspired by your comments that I just had to update. So I don't really want to make this R rated but since they are adults I want to make it realistic. Should I put a sensual scene in there or not? Let me know what you think! Comment! I'll update as soon as possible and sorry for any errors! And by the way I am making this up as I go so I'm still unsure who the villain is gonna be. Let me know if you have any suggestions! :)

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