Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


17. The Plan

Hermione's P.O.V.

Sometime after the man had stopped the terrible curse I stopped screaming. And all I could hear was Harry and Draco screaming before the man started cackling. "See you soon dear mudblood." He says as he laughs.

After I hear the crack of his apparation I also hear Harry and Draco scrambling up the stairs from the cellar, but they don't reach me until after I have passed out.


Time gap:

I'm being chased. That's all I know and if he gets me I'll will have to endure more of that wicked curse. As I am running I trip over a root from one of the trees near Malfoy Manor. He has caught me and I have been bound to a nearby tree. All of a sudden he brings out Draco, Harry, Teddy Lupin (who was adopted by Harry and Ginny), and a very pregnant Ginny who could give birth at anytime.

"Avada Kadavra!" He screams and Draco fall to the forest floor. I am sobbing/screaming as He repeats this until all my friends are lying lifeless of the floor.

He is about to kill me the same way, and then just as soon as he is about to mutter the words he stops "I'll let you live. It will be such torture to live in this world and know that it is your fault that they are dead." He cackles.

As he starts to cackle I shoot my eyes open and it was all just a dream. I have sweat on my forehead and I am convulsing for air. I scramble out of bed. I am in my own room. I quickly run out of the room. And try to find Draco and Harry and start to panic again. "Harry! Draco!" I scream with anxiety obvious in my voice.

Just then Harry and Draco round the corner and I run into Draco's arms and hug him as right as I can.

"Hermione are you alright?" Harry asks.

"Um.... I don't know how long have I been out to not be alright?" I ask.

"We found you shortly after he left. And after your screams stopped. We didn't know of you were alive or not." Harry says with tears in his eyes.

"Of course I'm alive he wouldn't give me the satisfaction if killing me." I say! This statement reminded me of my dream. "Harry where is Ginny and Teddy? Harry you have to go and protect them!" I practically yell.

"Hermione what are you talking about?"

"I had a dream! He killed everyone! And refused to kill me because that would be torture in itself. It would be my fault if you died and I could never live with myself if that happened."

"Hermione listen," Draco finally speaks. "If anything happens to us it won't be your fault it will be that murderers. Besides we aren't going anywhere!"

"Okay! Now we really do need a plan before he comes back." I state.

"Well did he say anything to you that could indicate who he was?" Harry asks.

"He said dear mudblood a lot so I'd think he is pure blood." I say and I can feel Draco tense beside me. "But other than that and the pain there wasn't anything that made it different that any of the other criminals I've put away."

"Wait Hermione! What do you mean the pain felt different?!?!" Harry asks

"The Crucio curse it felt different that when Bellatrix did it to me." I say.

"Draco is this normal for the pain of the curse to have different effects?" He asks.

"Not that I know of. " he answers.

"Haven't you ever read about this? They feel different because of the power of the wizard casting it. Only the most powerful wizards and witches can do it because their magic is so strong. That is why I told you to go be with Ginny because he is dangerous." I say defeatedly.

"Hermione I'm not leaving you to be played with like a puppet." He says. "Do you remember when Ron left us on the run when we were looking for horcruxes and I asked you if you wanted to leave as well?" I nod my head in reply. "Well you said no because you felt it was your responsibility to stay. That after everyone in your life had at one point left that you needed to be the one person who I could count on and never be disappointed in. I can't leave you. Hermione we are in the same positions just reversed you need someone you will always be there to count on."

Meanwhile Draco is sitting there very awkward finally speaks up. "Hey I'm here now. I know I screwed up in the past but I am never going to leave her alone again.

"Well anyway this is all sweet at everything but that psychopath could be back soon and we need a plan." Hermione says rushingly. "What about we talk to Cho again?"

"Again?" Harry asks.

"Yeah we already visited Cho. But I don't think she's telling is everything. But she might if the minister of magic is there!" I say suspiciously.

Authors Note:

Hey guys! Here's the next chapter I hope you enjoy it. It may be kinda boring but I guess you could say it's a filler. Anyway comment and make me want to update! Let me know what you think. And I am sorry for any errors. Love y'all! Comment! :)

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