Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


9. The Meltdown

As we apparated back to Malfoy's home I was distraught. How could one of best friends from school think I killed someone. I roomed with Pavartti all my years at Hogwarts. Next to Ginny she was my best girl friend. I didn't realize but while my mind was thinking my body was acting and I had thrown vases, lamps, papers, pillows, plates, and whatever was close to throw at the wall. And I was now on my knees convulsing. Malfoy didn't stop me from breaking his nice things he just sat there watching, he had tears in his eyes.

"Why are you crying?" I whisper to him.

"It hurts me to see you in so much pain." He whispers back barely audible.

"Why? You were just fine with it through school?" I say. I felt a pang of anger at myself for saying that. We had settled this he was sorry for what he did. He had a hurt look on his face. "Look I'm sorry. I was friends with all of the people who are persecuting me. How do you think I feel! All my friends think I'm a killer and the only person oh thinks otherwise was my arch nemesis!" I say throwing my arms up into the air and collapsing into a chair.

He just looks at me........... Finally after what seems like hours he speaks. "I do know how it feels to have everyone think your a killer. And I know how it feels to have all your friends think you killed someone. But the difference is mine praised me for it some of them just supported my decision to protect my family. And yours actually think you are cold hearted enough to seriously do it."

"Well that did not help very much." I say sobbing.

"The point is I know how you feel, and I want to help you. I've been wanting to apologize to you so many times since the war ended cause my family was not in any danger if I did." He yelled into the air.

"Then why didn" I was cut off before I could finish my sentence.

"Oh believe me I tried I went to the ministry almost every day after the war to ask your forgiveness. I got to your office door an every single time chickened out. I've wanted to be friends with you, Harry, and Ron for years but my father would kill me if I did. If it weren't for home I would have invited you to go to the Yule ball. If it weren't for him I would have been there to comfort you when Ron broke your heart. If it weren't for him I would have defied Voldemort in the battle of Hogwarts FOR YOU!" He screamed.

I was speechless. Word wouldn't form in my mouth until I came up with the one word. "Why?" I ask.

"Because I love you!" He screams.

Authors Note:

So I don't know what's up with the font. And something happened with the end of this chapter so I had to rewrite it which frustrated me! So let me know what you think. Sorry for any errors. Comment! :) I'll try to update today or tomorrow!

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