Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


30. The Break Down

Hermione's P.O.V.

My mind is fuzzy. My head hurts. My eyelids are heavy. I can hear groaning from a few feet away from me. With that last thought my eyes shoot open and as I thought I am still in the cellar and it is still dark but my eyes adjust quickly. I can see the figure of Draco rolling around on the floor a few feet from me.

"Draco? Draco are you okay?" I ask worriedly.

"Mione? Your awake? When did you wake up?" He asks sounding relieved.

"A few seconds ago? Why is it such a shock?" I ask stupidly.

"Hermione you have been asleep for a week. You haven't eaten and they beat you within an inch of your life. Hermione its getting worse. We have to figure out how to get out of here." He says with urgency in his voice.

"Draco? What has happened?" I ask thinking of the worst situation.

"They have Harry, Ginny, and Teddy." he mumbles.

"What how? Why? They can't hurt them. Draco please tell me your lying. Bellatrix is up there she will kill them. Ginny helped kill her. Harry is Harry and she's been trying to kill him for years. She will leave Teddy and orphan if she has the mercy to spare him. She will use Teddy to break Harry and Ginny. Ginny could have her baby anytime. I was suppose to be the godmother. Draco I promised myself during the war that no matter what I would protect them. I can't let them die. Please..... Please......" I have finally lost it. I have hit my breaking point. As I sob Draco embraces me and this time he doesn't let go no matter how much it hurts both of us.

Mid sob the room is flooded with light and we three people get thrown into the cellar; Harry, Ginny, and Teddy. Bellatrix walks in. "Well well look who finally woke up. You know its been an entire week since we have had some quality time together and I think my master will be happy to know your awake." She spats as she walks over to my and grabs me by my arm and pulls me to my feet.

My legs haven't been used in a week so my legs feel like jelly. "Please I'll do anything but please let them go." I say strongly.

"You know what mudblood you can take that up with the boss. He actually wants to have a chat with you." she says slyly.

"Draco, you parents would be so disappointed if they found out that out of all the witches you could have had that you settled for this piece of junk." Draco is on his feet in seconds and he is fuming.

"I don't take orders from my parents or anyone else, unlike you. I can love who I want, I don't need or want your permission. If you don't approve that just adds to my success." He shoots back quickly.

"That may be so but just remember the fate of your "love" rests in my hands. and your defying me. probably not the wisest move." She cackles and drags me out of the room before Draco could attack her.

As we walk down the hall I am utterly speechless. Although I am quite possible walking to my possible doom I am happy just knowing that Draco loves me. He really loves me and he even stood up to Bellatrix to defend me.

But all the happiness I was feeling all came crashing down as I saw Ron coming towards us in the hall. "He wants to see her." He says referring to me.

"I was taking her to him. Step aside Weasley." She says.

Ron turns around and walks back in the direction that he came from and Bellatrix pushes me to follow him.

We twist and turn through corridors, hallways, and sitting rooms until we come to two grand doors. Ron open both doors and Bellatrix pushes me through the door and I cannot believe who is sitting in the chair across the room.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! So what do you think of the cliffhanger? It's getting exciting so be sure to keep reading and comment. I am sorry for any errors.  Make sure to tell me what you think will happen. I need inspiration as we are getting closer and closer to the big reveals. Comment and make me want to update soon! Comment! Love y'all! :)


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