Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


20. Ron

Hermione's P.O.V.

As soon as we arrive at Harry and Ginny they meet us!

"Hermione what are you doing here!" Harry exclaims.

But I can't answer him because Ginny runs to me and envelopes me into a hug. "Oh Hermione thank god your safe. Harry told me everything. I knew you couldn't have killed Cormac or Kingsley!" She says stifling a a sob.

"Hermione I left y'all a few hours ago. What's happened?" Harry says nervously.

"We were asleep in the living room and when I woke up he was there. He said he would be seeing you and Ginny soon. He hasn't been here? I was sure he would have come here." I say panicked.

"No one has been here Hermione!" Ginny tells me. "Ron left just a few hours ago when Harry came back. He stayed with us while Harry was with you."

"Ron! We have to go make sure he's okay. Draco stay with Ginny and Teddy. Harry and I will go check on Ron." I say bossily.

"Why do I have to stay?" Draco says pouting.

"Because Ron doesn't like you and I really need him in my side right now." I exclaim.

"Fine." He replies like a child.

Harry and I apparate to Ron's apartment and it looks fairly ordinary.

"Ron?" Harry yells through the apartment.

"Harry?" We hear from the bedroom. "What are you doing here it's like bloody two o'clock in the morning?" He says walking into the living room. "Harry you do know you have an escaped murderer with you." He says when he sees me.

"Ron I didn't do it." I say. "Someone framed me! In fact we think the person who famed me is going to attempt murder upon you, Harry, Ginny, and Teddy." I scream.

"Calm down Hermione what did you do to this guy to make him want to kill everyone that's dear to you?" He asks.

"I have no idea." I say pathetically.

"Harry go stay with Ginny I promise I won't turn her in." He says.

"Okay. I'll be back in a little while guys." Harry replies. And he apparates away.

"Hermione I've been thinking about you lately. Actually I've been thinking about us lately. Why did we break up again?" He asks moving closer to me.

"Ron we didn't love each other that way. You dated lavender and I moved on by myself until I found Cormac." I answer.

"Hermione I was confused and hurt. Fred had just died. But I needed you! Harry and I wouldn't be alive without you!" He says walking closer. We are inches apart now. "Hermione I love you. It has been torture not having you here with me. Remember our connection in the Chamber of Secrets. We belong together." And with those last words he kisses me square on the lips. I don't know why to think I feel something but I can't decide whether it's good or bad. So I react to the kiss by kissing him back. And his arms are around my waist and mine are around his neck. I have yearned for his touch for so many years. However just as we break the kiss I remember I am engaged to Draco. And I love him more than anything.

"Ron! What the hell was that?" I scream.

"It was a kiss." He says smirking at me.

"Well what possessed you to do it." I exclaim.

"Oh please Hermione it takes two to kiss. Don't tell me you didn't like it. You kissed back." He says knowingly.

"Ron I don't love you like that! You ARE my brother just like Harry and I cannot love you as anything more. It is impossible." I yell. "Ron I came her to make sure you were okay and if you were I was going to ask you for your help to find out who is framing me?"

"Hermione I will help you. But I do love you!" Ron answers.

"If that's the case then please just keep your feelings to yourself. I need my best friends." I say.

"You had them Hermione." He answers reassuringly.

"Good." I say feeling relieved.

And with that they both apparate back to Harry's home.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! Here's the next chapter! I hope you like it. It's getting intense! So please comment on what you think of the chapters and what you think should or will happen in the future chapters! I like to be motivated to write them so please keep commenting. Sorry for any errors. Love y'all. :)

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