Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


29. Reunited

Hermione's P.O.V.

I've lost track of how long I have been in this cellar. Since Ron left me in here that horrifying day I feel numb, but of course that's not true. Also since that day they come and drag me from the dirt floor up the stairs and into a large room. I don't recognize anyone but Bellatrix and occasionally see Ron walk through the room as they beat me to an inch of my life. I never see the hooded man but I can hear his voice. He directs my torture. These days are too similar to those hours I spent in Malfoy Manor. However those thoughts remind me of Draco and those thoughts of Draco give me hope. The only hope I have left.

I am disrupted from my thoughts when someone opens the door and light floods the room like it does every few hours. This time instead of some brainwashed minion Ron has come to collect me for his "friends." I still can't believe Ron would help them do this to me. He has been my best friend for years what could I do to him that would make him hate me enough to do this.

"Its time Hermione." He says blandly.

"Time for what? My daily beating? Why are you doing this to me?" I snarl at Ron.

"You brought this upon yourself Hermione. I loved you and you threw it in my face. I am doing this to help you. Draco did this to you. He turned you against me." He mutters quickly.

"What are you talking about Ron? You left me! Multiple times! I had to move on." I say when all of a sudden it dawns on me. "Did you kill Cormac?"

"I had to Hermione! I had to show you that you needed me. We are trying to show you that you need me. You don't need Draco, Cormac, Harry, Ginny, or Teddy. All you need is me!" He screams. "Come on we are going to torture Draco out of your mind." And with that he drags me to my torture chamber.


When I wake up I am back in the cellar. My entire body is screaming in pain. I must have passed out during my torture session. I wonder how long I have been asleep.

I start hearing voices again. But this time they are familiar, too familiar!

After a few minutes there is a lot of shuffling down the stair to the cellar and the door swings wide open. And not only one person comes in but two. However one is not very willing and gets thrown to the floor. Before the door gets slammed and the light disappears I see a flash of platinum blonde from the person who is now rolling on the floor groaning in pain.

"Draco?" I ask. My voice is horse and scratchy from all the screaming I have been doing lately. I can see the outline of the blonde hair shoot up.

"Who's there?" He demands.

"It's me." I say trying my best to get my old voice back. It must have worked because I can see his shadow getting closer and hear him dragging himself closer to me.

"Hermione?" He questions. "Hermione is that you?" Is voice keeps getting more eager every time he speaks.

"Yes. It's me." I say relaxing all of a sudden letting out a breathe I was unaware I was holding. "Draco how did you get here?Why?"

"Ron said that we needed to talk. So we went on a walk and as we were walking we were ambushed by a bunch of hooded figures. I couldn't see anyone's face. And I don't know what they did with Ron. I hope he's okay!"

"I don't." I say trying to laugh a little but all I feel is pain. There was a pause as Draco clearly didn't understand what I was talking about. "Ron is helping them. He says that I brought this upon myself by not choosing him. He's helping that damn devil. He's helping Bellatrix!" I say.

"Hold on what? Ron helping them? Bellatrix is dead?" He asks.

"I don't know but Bellatrix is very much alive and enjoys tormenting me every chance she gets." I answer.

I feel his arms embrace me and for a split second I am at peace. Then of course it was over from every single joint in my body screaming in agony. Draco must realize he's hurting me so he immediately pulls his arms away and asks, "what did they do to you?"

"The list would be shorter if you asked what didn't they do to me." I answer working at some light humor but it didn't work because it hurt when I laughed.

"Hermione how are we going to get out of here?" He asks.

"I don't think we will. They are obviously holding a grudge against me so I honestly think I won't be leaving." I say dully. "Draco what do they want with you?" I ask dreading the answer.

"Probably part of their plan to hurt you." He says. As he said this light once again flooded the room. And in struts Bellatrix.

"Well well mudblood it's that time again." She says as she walks to me a grabs a fist full of hair and starts dragging me towards the door. However we can't get to the door because Draco has jumped to his feet and was about to attack Bellatrix but is flung across the room and hits the wall. And once again I am being led to my eminent torture. As we are walking/ crawling to the room I hear Draco screaming my name. This can only mean that not only can I hear his screams but he will be able to hear mine....... Again.

My torture involved beatings, curses, jinxes, and then they would repeat it...... Many times. Every bone in my body was limp so I was carried/dragged back to the cellar where after they threw me in I couldn't even left my head to see if Draco was okay or not. And before I can say, do, hear, or even think anything I fade into darkness

 Author's Note:

Hey guys sorry it took me so long. I've been busy. So let me know what you think should happen next. And what you thought of this chapter! Sorry for any errors! Comment! Love y'all! :)


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