Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


15. Old Friends

Hermione's P.O.V.

I am stuck. That's all I know. I am forced to the floor with someone's body weight holding me down. There is pain all over my body is wet with my own blood. I open my eyes and all I see is a dark hooded figure. I feel the searing pain son my arms, legs, and face as a shape blade digs into my skin. Eventually I pass out from the pain. All of a sudden I feel relief and I see my own body covered in the bloody words "mud blood". Am I dead.

Then I wake up. I am not dead. I am not covered in my own blood. I do not have that horrible name etched into my skin. It was all a dream.

I am lying on the couch in the living room of Malfoy Manor in Draco's arms. He is still asleep but my face and his shirt is wet from my tears from my surreal dream.

I very carefully get up off the couch without waking up Draco. I walk into the kitchen and get a glass of water. As I walk back from the kitchen back to the couch I hear a noise from upstairs. Very quietly I walk up the stairs and into my bedroom and Harry is going through the few items I have.

"Harry?" I ask quivering because I basically just gave up my freedom.

"Hermione." He says as he turns around to look at me. "I was hoping I wouldn't find you here."

"He believed me. He helped me." I say with tears filling my eyes.

"I want to believe you. But everything is stacked against you. They had all the evidence they needed. I knew you couldn't do it. But If i said I believed you everyone would think the Minister of Magic was letting a murderer walk away. The way I handled it gave me the right to stick my nose in the case all I want." He says tears spilling over his cheeks.

"You believe me?" I sob.

"Yes!" At this I throw myself into his arms. "What can I do to help?"

"I know who killed them!" I say as we break apart.

"Who?" Harry says eagerly

"Ok I don't have a name but he is trying to frame me and he is trying to torture me. He has threatened to do the same or kill anyone who stands in his way." I say as fast as I can.

"Wait so how do you know he killed Cormac and Kingsley?" He asks bewildered.

"He told me." I say

"When did you see him?" Harry asks quickly.

"Draco said I was out for three days so that would be four days ago." I said matter of factly.

"Wait what do you mean you were out?" He asks with a worried look in this eyes.

"He came in and attacked us. And I was out from my injuries for a few days. I'm alright now! Harry you need to stay out of this and keep your family safe. You have no idea how happy I am know you know the truth but I can't let you or your family get hurt." I say.

"Hermione I know this may come as a shock to you but you cannot always fix everything. You can't always be the strong, smart, amazing girl that can get out of any problem and not worry about anything. Everyone has their breaking point and after the war. After the death and the separation you hit your breaking point and that caused you to think you had to fix everybody's problems. Make sure no one got hurt. Hermione if your on that job all the time who is suppose to take care of and protect you? Hermione it's been far too long since you broke down! It's been five years since you have spoken to someone for help. It's time. It's time you ask for help. You have people on your side. Me, Ginny, Ron, Teddy, and Draco. I honestly was surprised he never told you he liked you before this." Harry says with his emotions changing through his speech.

"How did you know?" I ask

"Hermione you two were sleeping on a couch together when I walked in." Harry smirked at me.

"Oh." I reply.

"Hermione I have always been protective of you. Ever since the day I met you. I have always thought of us as family. You are my sister we don't need the biological parents, paper, or the blood to tell me that you are my sister. I love you like a sister. I have always felt the need to check the guys you date cause I don't want them breaking your heart. I care too much to see you get hurt and that it why I am here to protect you. Until my dying breathe I will do all I can to protect you. You are my family." Harry says the tears pouring over again.

"I love you Harry!" I say as we pull into a hug.

"I love you Hermione!" Harry says as we let time slip away.

Authors Note:

Sorry for taking so long it wouldn't save so I had to rewrite it twice! I was so mad! Anyway I needed some brotherly/sisterly love and I have always loved Harry and Hermione's brother/sister relationship so I had to put it in there. Let me know what you think. Any suggestions? The comments really help motivate me to write so keep it up. Sorry for any errors! Love y'all :)

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