Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


34. Convincing

Hermione's P.O.V.


I walk into the drawing room and everyone is there except Draco. Ginny walks in behind me and when I notice the room has fallen silent and everyone is staring at me.

"Where is Draco?" I ask.

Just as I ask that Draco strides into the room. But something is wrong with him..... He completely ignores me as he walks by and sits beside his mother.

Seeing how awkward I feel Mr. Malfoy surprises me by asking me, "are you feeling any better?"

"Much better but not completely. Thank you by the way..... For saving me." I answer.

"Well dear I wasn't about to let you get hurt after all you have done for us. For testified for us after the war keeping me and my family out of Azkaban, you didn't treat us any differently than you did before the war, as a matter of fact you treated us better after the war. So it is I who should thank you." He says.

I give him a small smile, mostly because the entire thing is very strange. Mr. Malfoy is suppose to despise me. Maybe he really was just protecting his family the entire time.

"Well now that it isn't awkward....... What's the plan?" Ginny says getting right to the point.

"Well I would like to know how Bellatrix is alive!" Harry shouts. "Especially since I was told she was dead."

"Well I will be happy to kill her again after all she's done to poor Hermione!" Molly exclaims.

"I am not poor Hermione!" I scream. "I am not helpless! I am more able than everyone in this room with the exception of a few. I refuse to have anyone else get hurt for me. I will not allow anyone else in this room to even risk getting hurt for me. I can take care of myself! All of you need to forget me though!"

"We can't!" Draco yells. They are the first words he has uttered since entering the room. "You may not want our help but your getting it. I CAN'T forget about you! It's impossible! How can we let you March to your death without trying to help you! Just because you've given up doesn't mean we have! I will never give up on you! I will NEVER forget about you!"

Draco overheard my conversation with Ginny! "Harry what did my screams sound like when we were at Malfoy manor and Bellatrix tortured me during the war?" I say quickly. I know this question has taken him by surprise and that it hurts him to answer it.

"It was Hell! Every time I heard your scream I wanted to die myself just to escape the screaming. I racked my brain trying to remember if we had learned a body swap spell over the years so that I could take your pain away but all I could think about was the haunting sound of her screams. When we finally escaped the cellar I almost thought we were going to find blood splattered all over the room. But the puddle of blood you were lying in was not very reassuring either. You didn't stop screaming until we had just reached the foot of the stairs. I almost thought your we dead until I heard your deep breathing." Harry says getting all choked up. 

"If any of you want to help me you won't put me through that. Don't make me endure that kind of torture. I can handle physical torture, I'm not scared of physical torture, but I can't bear to have anyone's pain at my hands." I say, And before anyone can say anything I walk out  of the room. I walk to the front door intending to leave except.....the door won't open!

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