Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


22. Back to Malfoy Manor

Hermione's P.O.V.

As soon as Ron and I arrive at Grimmauld Place I hear stirring in the kitchen they much be getting some tea. It is very late in the evening. As we walk into the kitchen Draco walks to me and envelopes me into a soft warm hug. I am going to have to tell Draco what happened with Ron and I hope he will understand. I will tell him when we are alone. Now is not the time or place to him him. Just as we break apart from our hug Ron is looking very confused.

"I'm sorry am I missing something here?" He asks pointing in between us.

"Oh everybody we have some news we were just a little panicked when we got here........... Draco and I are engaged." I announce. As Draco stands next to me with an arm around my waist.

It's quiet........... Then all of a sudden Ginny squeals, "oh thought it would never happen!" She runs over and hugs both of us.

"Ginny I did not picture you this happy. Why would you think we would end up together?" I ask baffled.

"You both have been oozing chemistry for years. How was I the only one to notice it guys honestly it's not that hard. It was right in front of your noses." She rants.

"I guess so but we're guys we don't speak girl." Ron mumbles.

"Clearly. Ron of you could speak girl you might actually have a girlfriend." Ginny sneers. She was not very happy when we broke up but she blamed it all on Ron so I was just glad we were still friends.

However when she mentions the girlfriends it was a dig at Ron, but I was the one who felt it. I kissed Ron while I was engaged. I thought as I awkwardly shifted from one foot to another stifling a fake laugh with the others.

Ron mumbles something under his breathe that no one could hear thankfully.

"Okay as fun as this is I think we all need to stick together. We can't all defeat this guy separately. What about we all move into Malfoy Manor? That way we can all be together. There is strength in numbers in this case." Draco says. I can't believe he is opening his home to his ex-enemies. Draco is a great guy........ And I shouldn't be keeping this from him or he will hate me and not want to get married. I think to myself.

Harry is the first to speak. "I think it's a great idea." Ginny nods agreeing with him.

Everyone then looks at Ron. After a few moments he looks at me and speaks. "I'm In."

Harry and Ginny pack the necessities while Ron apparates to his apartment and prepares his things. When they are all ready to apparate to Malfoy Manor Harry picks up a sleeping Teddy Lupin Potter. (Harry and Ginny adopted him after his parents died in the war) and as we are getting into position I can hear Ron whispering to Harry, "after all these years of trying to avoid this place we are going to live there. I mean seriously Hermione was tortured in the living room. How is she ok with this?" And without another word all six of us are off to Malfoy Manor.

Authors Note:

Hey guys. Here's the next chapter. This one was kinda a filler but things are gonna go down in the next few so If you want them you have to comment and motivate me! Sorry for any errors. Let me know what y'all think. Comment! Love you guys!:)

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