The broken promises


1. meet the cast

Violets p.o.v

Hi I'm vi and I have long thick pink hair. I'm 98 pounds I play football(soccer) and basketball Harry is my dream guy and I make it my job to just focus on school and sports well he's on my football team and he always plays shirtless and I guess you could say that it's hard to keep my eyes off of him

Liz's p.o.v

Hi I'm Liz short for Elizabeth and I weigh 99 pounds I'm also playing football and I have long thin reddish brown hair. I've got Niall on my crush list and he number one but he's got the witch as his girlfriend destiny but I also cut myself from time to time cause it gives me relief. I also love glee but more then vi.

Koby's p.o.v

Hi I'm koby and I have black hair I weigh 94 pounds and Liam I have a crush on and vi swears a lot I'm not on any sports teams and I manly stay over on the benches and watch vi and Liz go at it and I just day dream also I love glee as much as vi.

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