Nialls little girl

Niall is a fun caring guy who adopted this 4 year old girl that he found in the streets read to find out how Niall struggles to deal with raising a child


1. in the street

Nialls POV

As i walked down the freezing alley  way i heard a wail and a cry i turned my head in wonder to a tiny girl stuffed into a corner."Hi sweetie where is your mommy or daddy?" I asked "I dont have one."

  I gasped a perfect little girl abandoned in a alley way i picked her up.SHE WAS SHAKING!!! oh my i thought i will try to make her laugh "So ya wanna meet the lads?" I said in the silliest irish accsent nothing so i did the traditional irish dance she burst out laughing showing her crystal blue eyes.I took her into my house well the lads house as well .She stared at the big living room. Harry looked at me with a confused look after I explained he smiled showing his dimples OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO ASK FOR HER NAME. "Sweetie whats your name ?" i asked  "Caitlin." what a sweet name.But then she climbed ontop of harry messing with is curls "Woah easy with the hair sugar plum." said harry she stopped to the door opening "Niall who's this little monster." called liam "Caitlin" replied i proudly


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