Dead-Beetlejuice x Hellraiser

This is a Beetlejuice/Hellraiser crossover! Lina Deetz is Lydia's older sister, who's been staying with their real mom since their parents split. She and her mother live in Shropshire, England, where Lina's life is about to get a lot stranger.


2. Chapter Two

“She should be here by now. It doesn’t take but fourteen hours to fly over from America.”

“Mister John, it’s going to take a bit to get through the security and things, what with them being from America and all.” I try to reassure the man.

“Well, if she doesn’t arrive soon, I’m going to have to read the will to you alone.”

“I understand.” He nods. Just then, there’s a knock at the door. I stand, brushing off my school uniform’s skirt. (AN: She’s in college, but it has a uniform like the Japanese schools do in InuYasha) I pull open the onyx door and there stands my little sister. “Lyds!” I jump forward and hug her.

“Li! What--?”

“Come inside. There’s a man here to read the will.” She nods, her eyes saddening. We walk into the living room and see him standing with the envelope in his hands. “Lydia, this is Marion John. Mister John, this is my little sister, Lydia Deetz.”

“Ah. Hello,” he reaches his hand forward, shaking her hand, before we all sit down. “Now, this is a strange will your mother left.” He runs through the normal things in the will, and comes to what she left us. “I leave my England home to my two daughters, Lina and Lydia, as well as this puzzle box.” He pauses and pulls out a cloth bag.

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