Dead-Beetlejuice x Hellraiser

This is a Beetlejuice/Hellraiser crossover! Lina Deetz is Lydia's older sister, who's been staying with their real mom since their parents split. She and her mother live in Shropshire, England, where Lina's life is about to get a lot stranger.


1. Chapter One

The phone rings and I groan, walking over to pick up the pastel white cell my mother chose. "Hello?"

"Hello, is Lina Deetz there?"

"You're talking to her."

"Li?" My mind finally registers whom is speaking on the other end.


"Hey, Li! Dad wanted me to ask when you're coming to visit."

"Well, I've been thinking, actually. What if you came here?" There was a silence on the other side. "Lyds?"

"I would love that!" She pauses and I hear talking on my younger sibling's side. "Dad wants to talk to mom." My heart pangs with sadness.

"Um, Lyds...He can't."

"W-why not?"

"Mom...she had cancer for a long time. She's's gone..."

"What?!" I hear the sound of her dropping the phone.

"I tried calling you, but you never picked up."

"We moved...." Her voice is quieter now.

"I'm sorry."

"When's the funeral?"

"In a week."

"Okay. I'll try to be there."

"Lyds? I'll pay for the tickets."

"Thanks." She pauses. "I'm the only one coming. Delia won't let Dad leave, and she definitely won't  come." I agree and we hang up after saying our goodbyes.

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