Daughter of Gaia

Percy Jackson and his friends have faced many dangers and many quests but what if an enemy became a friend, maybe more? A prophecy to end all others in their greatest challenge yet. Can they fight the darkness to save their world? But most importantly do they want to?
A Percy Jackson fan-fiction.


1. Daughter of mother earth


We heard it before we saw it. A huge stamped of cyclopses storming through the trees straight towards camp half-blood chasing what appered to be a hooded figure on a horse. I stared around a large crowed had gathered around watching the chase all looking as if they, like me, were ready to run for their lives when they got close forgeting of course that their was a magical barrior protecting us from the heard of angery cyclopses. I looked back in time to see the riders hood fall down over their face to reveal the pale face, dark eyes and flowing black hair of one of the most beautiful girls I'd ever seen. Mentally shaking myself and reminding my brain that Annabeth, my girlfriend, was standing next to me I continued to watch the scene staring in shock I managed to grab Annabeth and pull her to the side before we were trampled by the girl on the horse. Looking around at the other stuned faces scattered on the ground I stood up helping Annabeth to her feet as chiron our camp leader, and centor, walked past with Mr D camp director in tow yelling, "What in Tartos?" so loud it probily woke up the harpes. I walked up with Annabeth wanting to find out who this stranger was. "Who is that said?" Said a voice from behind me. I turned to face Leo who'd clearly seen the mysterious ridder. "Don't know" replied Annabeth. "I'm more interested to know why, thanks to her, we now have a bunch of angery cyclopses banging on our door."

"Well" I said. "why dont we go find out instead of standind around here." And without another word we sent off to see the stranger. If we had know all the trouble it would have caused we wouldn't have bothered.

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