My Bully Louis Tomlinson


2. Chapter Two

Anne and I where standing at our lockers when he came to us. His signature smirk playing on his perfect, pink, lips,

'Well, hello Miss. Nicole - How are you doing today?' He asked as he faked a posh accent!

'I don't talk like that!' I said just like any other, normal, British person, Louis smirked yet again. He was about to open his mouth but Anne started talking. 

'Louis, go die in a hole - Will you?!' She snapped, Louis raised his eye brows and looked at my best friend,

'Is that really the best you can do?' He asked before looking back at me, 'Anyway, back to the point. Come on.' Louis ordered me before grabbing my wrist and pulling me along. 

I tried to pull back but what was the point?

Was I going to succeeded in doing this?


Was I going to accomplish anything?

No, not really. Yes, I'd get away from him only to get an even worse beating when he actually got his hands on me. 

Louis sighed as he felt me pull back and yanked me, the new year sevens where looking at us - Waiting for the fight... 

Well, bully session or for someone to get hurt. People followed us outside - Making Louis smirk slightly and I knew that this was going to be one of the worse. 

'Looks like we've got a little crowd, now.' Louis whispered in my ear before pushing me against the wall, 'Posh slut!' Louis yelled, people laughed. 


Who knows. 

I whimpered in pain, Louis smirked once again before pulling my face towards his, his minty breath breathing, lightly, on me. Our eyes got captivated for a few minutes - It was the first time we'd ever done it. 

He looked hurt - As if someone or something had hurt him, like he was going to cry any minute now.  

He looked broken. Like me. 

He pushed me to the floor and with one swift move of his leg his foot made contact with my stomach. He did this a few times making the crowds louder and making the year sevens more amused. 

'Mr. Tomlinson!' I heard our head teacher yell, 'My office now!' I couldn't here that well and I felt like I was going to pass out any minute now. 'Miss. Tingle, thank you for telling me. Please take Miss. Nicole to the nurse.' I heard my best friends voice but I couldn't make out was she was saying. 'As for you guys!' He yelled and turned his attention to the year seven crowd, 'Clear off! This is no entertainment!' I heard Anne's voice once again,

'Hey, Chlo.' I could just see her above me, she pulled me up and helped me get to the nurses office. She opened the door and helped me into the room,

'Ahh, Miss Nicole, come, sit.' The nurse told me, I limped towards the small little table like bed. I saw down as she gave me a cold ice pack and began to clean up the blood that was coming out of my tanned skin.

After about half an hour she was done and Anne helped me back up,

'Miss. Nicole, come back if you need any more help and Miss. Tingle make sure you look after Miss. Nicole.' Anne and I both nodded before we started making our way to art. 

'Thanks Anne.' I thanked Anne,

'For what?' She asked, raising her eye brows. 

'For getting sir. I'd properly be in the hospital now if you didn't.' Anne stopped in front of me making me halt to a stop as well. She hugged me,

'Don't thank me.' She told me, 'And he won't be doing it again - Sir said that he won't be football captain if he does again.' Anne informed me as she stopped hugging me. I nodded, I know how much Louis loved being football captain.

He's always loved football.

We both got to the door of the class room, 

'Wait. Anne?' I asked, Anne turned towards me,


'I sit next to Louis in Art....'

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