My Bully Louis Tomlinson


1. Chapter One

'Chloe, dear, time to get up!' My annoying, posh, put-people-down, mother yelled up the stairs. 'Don't want to be late for your last year, first day, now do you?' I sighed,

Did I really want to go to school?


Did I really have to?

No point, I want to be a hair stylist for famous people in a couple of years - Where's English, Science or Math going into that? 

Then again my back-up plan is to become a journalist and I need English in order to do that.

Sorry, my names Chloe, Chloe Anne Nicole.

Apart of the Nicole family, the most poshest family in Doncaster so why am I complaining about going to school?

Because people that come from posh family's are considered as mean little asses that just like to take the piss so instead of the posh people being the bully someone else (that is properly rich or something similar) are the bullies.  

I pushed my warm covers off of my small, skinny, torn body and got up, before getting dressed...

* * * * * * *

I walked downstairs before putting some toast into the toaster, my mum walked into the kitchen and walked to my side.

'You take too long to get ready.' My mother complained, 'You need to hurry up in future.' I sighed, she could never give me a positive comment?

'Sorry.' I mumbled, she looked at me with her blue eyes that would shine even in the darkest of night, 'ma'am.' I added. She smiled at me once again.

I took the newly made toast out of the toaster, my mum grabbed my arm as I did so making me yelp and drop the toast. She pulled my sleeve of my blazer up - Revealing some scares that had been made a while ago by my bully... Some even by myself. 

'What is this?!' She snapped, I pulled my arm away from her hand and pulled the sleeve back down,

'It's nothing.' I mumbled,

'Nothing?! Chloe, there are scars on your arm! What have you been doing?! I'm calling Anne's mother, you are not to go out other than to and from school! You always come back with some kind of cut and it's not acceptable!' My mother snapped, I sighed,

'But it's not...'

'No!' She snapped, 'Don't talk back to me, go to the school.' She ordered,

'But I still have ten..'

'Chloe Anne Nicole!' She snapped, I sighed and nodded,

'Sorry, ma'am.' I grabbed my bag that had small circular diamonds on and left.

I walked to Anne's and knocked on her door, her kind, heart-warming mother opened the door.

'Chloe!' She cried and wrapped me in a warm hug, I smiled. I'd always loved Anne's mum. 

The way she would welcome me, the way she'd hug me if I was upset or worried and the way that I could talk to her about my bully - Louis William Tomlinson. 

'Hey, Mrs Tingle.' She laughed,

'Don't worry, Chlo, call me Heather.' 

'Okay... Heather?' I asked, she smiled and nodded, 'I'll apologise in advance - My mums going to call about the scars on my arm. She thinks that I've got them when I'm out with Anne.' Heather shook her head,

'Don't be silly, honey, you don't have to apologise.' I hugged her once again before Anne joined us.

'Hey! Stop stealing my best friend!' Anne yelled, Heather laughed and looked at the time. 

'You two better get going... And Chloe?' She called out my name as Anne and I started walking away, I turned around, 'Call me if his any trouble.' I nodded,

'Thanks!' I called out before Anne and I walked to school.

'So, what did you do in the holidays?' Anne asked,

'Nothing much... Listen to my annoying mother complain about my looks and how I wasn't as "posh" as I should be - Whatever that means.' Anne sighed, 

'You know you can come over to mine any time, right?' I nodded,

'Yeah - You and your mum have mentioned it quite a bit.' Anne laughed and nodded as we arrived at the gates of the school. 

Young new year sevens arriving early, eager to get a feel of what secondary school is like. 

'Ready?' Anne asked, I breathed in - Thinking of all the pain that I might possibly be in when I run into him... 

I let the breath out and nodded,

'I'm ready...'

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