Secret Life (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 24 May 2014
  • Updated: 26 May 2014
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Secret Life; Kim is Victoria Secret's new model and the daughter of Lea Marie Hearts, former Victoria Secret Model. To have her private life, she attends a college under the name Kim Lambert instead of Kim Hearts to get media off her. She becomes friends with the WWE divas and even dates a WWE superstar. Someone soon recognizes her and searches her name up. When media finds out, Kim is in headlines and gets more media on her more than ever. How will she tell her story and how will people forgive her?


2. Halloween Party

Lea: Well what are you gonna be wearing? 

Kim: I don't know mom, I was thinking about being me as a Victoria Secret model. 

Lea: They're gonna know. 

Kim: No, I'm gonna dye my hair and mom, I have contacts on. 

Lea: Ok, well just call and tell Claire. 

Kim: Yeah, I already told her. 

Lea: Ok, well have fun and call me how it goes. 

Kim: Alrighty mom, love you. 

Lea: Love you too honey. *hangs up* 

Kim: *hangs up and looks at Claire* Alright, let's do this. 

Claire: *gets kim ready* 

Kim: *leaves in her lingerie and wings* 

John: *dancing with nikki* 

Kim: *rings the doorbell* 

Brie: I got it. *opens the door* Whoa. 

Kim: *smiles* Hi Brie. 

Brie: Kim? 

Kim: *chuckles* Told you I have an outfit for this party. Can I come in? 

Brie: Yeah, come... you look so much like Kim Hearts except she doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes. 

Kim: *chuckles softly* Yeah, I get that a lot. 

Brie: Come in. 

Seth: *slaps roman on the chest* 

Roman: *turns around* Whoa. 

Dean: She's hot, can I hit that first? 

Roman: *looks at dean* No! 

Kim: *walks to roman and smiles* Hey bestie. 

Roman: Hi. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *smiles nervously* 

Roman: You look very... like you. 

Kim: *chuckles* Hey. 

Randy: Kim! *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* I'll be right back. 

Roman: Ok. 

Kim: Hey Ricky. 

Randy: It's Randy. 

Kim: Oh! I'm so sorry, Randy. I apologize. 

Randy: *laughs* It's ok, um, wasn't expecting to see you. Love your costume. You look like a real model in it. 

Kim: Thank you. *looks away* 

Randy: What? 

Kim: Nothing, um, want to grab a drink? 

Randy: Yeah. 

Nikki: Whoa? Who are you? 

Kim: I'm supposed to be Kim Hearts. 

Nikki: Yeah, you look just like her! That is crazy! You are hot girl. 

Kim: Thanks. *smiles* 

Nikki: Take off your wings, and let's dance. 

Kim: Oh no, my wings are very expensive. 

Nikki: What? You didn't make it? 

Kim: No. 

Nikki: How much did you get them for? 

Kim: *mumbles* $45,000. 

Nikki: What? 

Kim: *clears her throat* $45K. 

Nikki: What?! How the heck did you get it for that much? 

Kim: I kinda had them? 

Nikki: *gives kim a look* Since when? 

Kim: Recently, but I'm gonna get a drink, want one? 

Nikki: No, tell me how'd you get them. 

Kim: Fine, ok. I met Kim and she let me keep them. 

Nikki: And for $45K, she gave them to you? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Nikki: That is crazy! I want a picture of you and her together. 

Kim: I didn't take one, my camera died before I met her. 

Nikki: Aw, that sucks and that lingerie is that hers too? 

Kim: Yeah? 

Nikki: And how much was that? Isn't that the fantasy bra? 

Kim: Yeah, it is. 

Nikki: No way, did she give them to you for free. 

Kim: No, I bought them from her for $150M. 

Nikki: What?! Kim! Where do you get all that money from? 

Kim: *gets nervous* 

Roman: Kim, let's dance. 

Kim: *fake a smile* Ok, sorry, I'll be back. *leaves with roman* 

Roman: *slows dances with kim* 

Kim: Thanks Robby, I really needed that. 

Roman: I'm not Robby. 

Kim: Oh shit! I am so sorry... what is your name? 

Roman: Roman, Roman Reigns. 

Kim: Ok, I'll remember that. 

Roman: You have to cause I'm not responding to anything from you unless it's my name Roman Reigns. 

Kim: Ok, ok, I hear. Roman, Roman Reigns. 

Roman: *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* 

Randy: Is she dancing with? 

John: Maybe they're together? 

Randy: She can't be. That's not Ricky, that's Roman. 

John: Yeah, I think I know that Randy. 

Randy: Shut it. 

Kim: *takes a few shots with nikki and brie* 

Kelly: *arrives* Hey girls. 

Nikki: Kelly, this is Kim Lambert, doesn't she look like Kim Hearts? 

Kelly: Yeah! She's dressed just like her runway outfit too. 

Kim: *smiles*  

Kelly: You're really pretty. 

Kim: Thank you. 

Maryse: Sorry, I had to park the car. Eve is coming, she's putting on her shoes. 

Brie: Ok. Meet Kim Lambert. 

Maryse: Whoa, you are sexy. Are you? 

Kim: No, I'm not, just a look a like. 

Nikki: Well wait for Eve to settle in and then we'll have a costume competition. 

Kelly: Oh, I know who's gonna win this. 

Nikki: No, I'm gonna make sure I win this year. You and Maryse always take turn winning. 

Maryse: That's cause we're the sexiest of sexy. *laughs* 

Brie: Whatever, the Bellas are better. 

Maryse: Please. 

Brie: *laughs* Whatever Maryse. 

Eve: *arrives* Sorry, had to change. Oh my gosh! 

Kim: Just a look a like. 

Eve: Oh, I was about to say, how'd you guys get her to come here. *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* Crazy right* 

Eve: Yeah, I'm Eve Torres. 

Kim: Kim Lambert. 

Kelly: Oh yeah, I'm Kelly, and this is Maryse. 

Kim: Nice to meet you girls. 

Nikki: *stops the music* Ok, it's time for our costume runway. So if you guys can clear that aisle, we're gonna be walking on it. Thanks. *smiles and plays the music* 

Layla: *walks the runway first* 

Crowd: *cheers and whistles* 

Maryse: *walks next and flips her hair* 

Crowd: *whistles* 

Michelle: *walks next and poses* 

Crowd: *cheers* 

Eve: *walks and poses* 

Crowd: *whistles and cheers* 

Brie: *walks next* 

Crowd: *whistles* 

Kim: Shit. *puts her hand on hips and walks and winks* 

Crowd: *cheers and whiles loudly* 

Summer: *walks next* 

Eva: *walks next* 

Nikki: *walks last* 

Crowd: *cheers loudly for nikki* 

John: Alright, let's all vote now please. 

Crowd: *passes their paper to the front* 

Mike: *takes the papers* Here Bryan. 

Bryan: *records the votes* Wow. *looks at mike and john* 

Nikki: I really hope I win this year. 

Maryse: *cocky attitude* I'm gonna win, I won 2 years straight, I can make a third one. 

Brie: Please, I'm gonna win. 

Eve: Hey, don't hate, I'm gonna win. 

Maryse: *laughs* 

John: Alright, and the winner is... 

Mike: *takes the mic* Kim Lambert! 

Kim: *shocked* 

Roman: *smiles and claps* 

Kim: *walks back to the front* Wow, thank you guys so much, I mean, I don't even know you guys, and you guys don't even know me, but thank you for letting me win my first runway with the beautiful girls here. *chuckles* 

Summer: No fair because you're dressed as a Victoria Secret model and you had the walk! You should give it up to me! 

Kim: Sorry, just because you didn't work your walk, you shouldn't be mad. It's ok though because you have all year to work on it. *winks and walks off* 

Summer: *upset* Who is she?! 

Eva: I don't know, but I don't like her. 

Summer: Me neither. 

Nikki: Congrats Kim. *smiles* I should be jealous and mad, but since it's your first. I'm happy. *smiles* 

Kim: Aw. *hugs nikki* Thank you. 

Maryse: I think I deserved it more, but since it's your first time and I really thought you looked the best and the sexiest out there, you really deserved it. *smiles* 

Kim: Aw. Thank you Maryse. *chuckles* 

Maryse: Your welcome Kim. 

Kim: Um, Nikki, I think I'm gonna go now.  

Nikki: Already? 

Kim: Yeah, I feel naked and I want to change. 

Nikki: You can wear my clothes or Brie's since you are smaller than me. 

Kim: No, it's ok. I'll go home and change, I'll see you guys at school. 

Nikki: Ok. *smiles* Bye, thank you for coming. 

Kim: Thank you for having me. *smiles and leaves* 

(After The Party) 

Brie: Kim was really hot out there. 

Nikki: Yeah, she was. She has the same walk as Kim. 

Brie: Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one that realized that! 

Nikki: What if she is Kim? 

Brie: No, Kim's a brunette with brown eyes. 

Nikki: She can be wearing contacts and just dyed her hair. 

Brie: No!  

Nikki: Ok then, fine. 

Brie: You're just jealous because you didn't win. 

Nikki: I never win, why would I be jealous. It's been like this for the past six years. 

Brie: Yeah, I know. 

Nikki: Well at least someone broked Maryse and Kelly's record. 

Brie: *laughs* Yeah, I know right. 

Nikki: Yeah. *smiles evil* 

Kim: *putting her clothes on* 

Randy: *texts kim* You looked great tonight, hope you had a great time. 

Kim: *reads the text and discards it/looks at her other phone*  

Jean: You're gonna be having a Meet and Greet on Tuesday 10 AM- 2PM. 

Kim: Shit! I have class that day from 11 til 1. *texts jean back* I have class from 11 til 1, can we rearrange it? 

Jean: No. 

Kim: Ok, I'll be there. 

Jean: Thank you, see you then.  

Kim: *puts her phone down* So much for a private life. *lies down and goes to bed*

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