Secret Life (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 24 May 2014
  • Updated: 26 May 2014
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Secret Life; Kim is Victoria Secret's new model and the daughter of Lea Marie Hearts, former Victoria Secret Model. To have her private life, she attends a college under the name Kim Lambert instead of Kim Hearts to get media off her. She becomes friends with the WWE divas and even dates a WWE superstar. Someone soon recognizes her and searches her name up. When media finds out, Kim is in headlines and gets more media on her more than ever. How will she tell her story and how will people forgive her?


6. Be Ready

Summer: You know, that girl looks so familiar Eva. 

Eva: Who? Kim. 

Summer: Yes! It's like I've seen her before you know. 

Eva: Where? 

Summer: She looks like Kim Hearts. 

Eva: You know what, she does. 

Summer: I'm gonna look her up. 

Eva: Yeah, do that. 

Summer: *looks up kim and searches her up*  

Eva: Nope, doesn't say. 

Summer: It has to. *searches another name* 

Eva: Summer, it's probably not her, she's not showing up as Kim Hearts. 

Summer: Wait, no. *clicks on another link* Is Kim Hearts going under as Kim Lambert? 

Eva: Oh my gosh! 

Summer: *laughs* No way! I am so gonna ruin her. 

Eva: She's your idol though. 

Summer: No, she's not anymore, now that I know it's her. I know her now, and she's not who we all think she is. She's a phony, a lair, and a fake! 

Eva: Don't forget bitch. 

Summer: Yeah bitch as well. I'm so gonna wrap her out. 

Eva: Are you really? 

Summer: Yeah, and you're gonna help me Eva. *smiles evil* 

Eva: Let's do this. 

Summer: C'mon, let's go to school. 

Kim: *walking with roman* 

Eva: There she is. 

Summer: *takes a pic*  

Eva: Got it? 

Summer: Yep, let's go. 

Eva: Ok. 

Summer: *walks up to kim with eva/smiles* Hi Kim. 

Kim: Uh hi? *smiles softly* 

Summer: How have you been? I haven't seen you since the mall. 

Kim: *chuckles* What? 

Summer: I know it's you Kim. Kim Hearts.  

Kim: Summer, what are you talking about? *fakes a laugh* 

Eva: We read it and we know about it now. Why fake yourself Kim?  

Kim: *looks at roman* 

Roman: Listen here, it doesn't matter if she's Kim Lambert or Kim Hearts, what matters is that... 

Summer: Oh like we're so scared of you two! We're gonna report you on campus and then we're gonna get the media to it. 

Eva: *smiles and nods her head* 

Summer: So if I was you, I would take off those stupid fake contacts and wig and get real. 

Kim: *wants to cry* 

Summer: Aw, is someone gonna cry. *laughs* I guess you should have been nicer. *high fives eva and smiles evil* Later bitch. *walks off with eva* 

Roman: Kim. 

Kim: We have to leave now. 

Roman: To where? 

Kim: Home!  

Roman: Kim! 

Kim: You can stay, I have to go. *runs to the car* 

Roman: *stands in silence and the runs after kim* 

Nikki: Is that Roman? 

John: Where's he going? 

Nikki: Where's Kim? 

John: I don't know, let's follow them in case anything happens. 

Nikki: Ok. 

John: *follows behind roman and kim* 

Kim: *pulls up and runs out the car* 

Roman: *getting out the car* 

John: *pulls up* Roman! 

Kim: *looks* Shit! *opens her door quickly and slams it and locks it* 

Roman: Kim! *runs to the door* Open the door! 

Nikki: What happened? Kim, open please. 

Kim: Go away! 

Nikki: Roman what happened? 

Roman: I can't say it. 

Nikki: *smiles* Is she pregnant? 

Roman: Uh, no, it's something more serious. Kim! Open! 

John: Well what's going on? We can help. 

Roman: I don't know if she wants you guys to know, she's already in danger. 

John: She's gonna die?! Kim! Open up please! Don't do anything stupid that you're gonna regret. 

Kim: *opens the door* It's too late. 

John: *looks at roman* 

Roman: Babe. 

Kim: I'm not who you guys think I am. 

Nikki: Wait no, let's talk inside. 

Kim: *opens the door wider* 

Nikki: What happened? 

Kim: Summer and Eva, they know. They know about me. 

Nikki: You didn't kill anyone did you? 

Kim: No! I'm... *cries* I'm not Kim Lambert. 

John: What?! 

Nikki: Then who are you? 

Kim: I'm Kim Hearts. 

Nikki: *shocked* What? 

Kim: *takes off her wig and contacts*  

Nikki: Kim! 

Kim: *crying* I had to Nikki; it was the only way to save my private life and have a normal one.  

Nikki: How did Summer and Eva know about this? 

Roman: Apparently they searched her up. 

Nikki: That's invading your personal... 

Kim: Exactly Nicole! I have to leave the school, I need to change address and move now. 

Nikki: No, we're gonna help you Kim. You have John and I, Brie and Bryan, Maryse and Mike, Eve and Kelly. I know they will also be on your side. We will all be with you. 

Roman: And you have Dean and Seth. 

Nikki: Yeah. 

John: Listen Kim, if you trust us, we will help you. 

Kim: I'm gonna lose my career, I'm gonna have a bad reputation now. *cries* I can't believe this happened so soon. 

Nikki: *hugs kim* It's gonna be ok, I'll talk to them. 

Kim: *cries harder* 

John: Let's go before they get more out of hand. 

Jean: *calls kim* 

Kim: It's too late. My boss is calling me. *picks up her phone* Hello? 

Jean: Mind telling me what's going on? 

Kim: *cries* Jean, it's not what it looks like ok. 

Jean: Tell me, so I can cover you up quick. 

Kim: What? 

Jean: Tell me what's going on and I'll cover you up, it's our job to. 

Kim: Jean, all I wanted was to go to college like I always wanted to, and to have my private life back. I never meant for it... 

Jean: That's good enough. We'll cover the rest, don't worry, just be calm and everything will be ok. 

Kim: Are you sure? 

Jean: Yes. 

Kim: Thank you so much Jean. 

Jean: Yes, now just stay put and don't go anywhere and if you do, just don't talk or answer the media's unless you hear from me. 

Kim: Ok. 

Jean: Alright, bye, take care. 

Roman: What happened? 

Kim: She said she'll cover for me, and if media finds me or ask me, I'm not supposed to answer. 

Nikki: I'll text everyone about this. 

John: Yeah, do that right now. 

Nikki: *texts everyone* Kim Lambert is Kim Hearts, don't panic, just come to her place. *sends the address* 

All: *arrives at kims place* 

Eve: So all along you were Kim Hearts? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Maryse: No wonder you looked so familiar! 

Kim: Please don't turn on me too Maryse. 

Maryse: For what? I have no reason to, you're my friend. 

Kim: *cries* 

Maryse: *hugs kim* It's ok, we're all here and we're gonna help you in this. 

Kim: Thank you. 

Seth: So did you know she was a model? 

Roman: Yeah. 

Seth: Is that why you were looking at her pics online last time. 

Roman: Yeah. 

Seth: And you didn't want to tell us right? 

Roman: Yeah. 

Dean: How stupid can you be Roman! 

Roman: I'm not stupid, this was probably the smartest decision and thing I've ever done. 

Seth: Dean, calm down. Roman, we're your friends, we would of helped covered you. 

Roman: It's not me, it's her. 

Bryan: Guys, come quick, Roman, you're on the news. 

Roman: What?! How?! *rushes to livingroom* 

News 1: Kim Hearts known as Kim Lambert is romantically linked to UCLA student Roman Reigns and have been together for quite a while now according to two witnesses. As you can see they are holding hands on campus. 

Roman: What the fuck? 

Kim: *looks at roman* Roman, I'm so sorry this is happening to you. 

Roman: I don't care about me, I'm just worried about you. 

Dean: Fans are gonna leave your fandom, they're gonna bash on you, and they're gonna hate... 

Seth: Dean! 

Dean: What Seth! 

Seth: Not now ok! 

Dean: You know I'm right, you know right guys. 

Roman: *grabs onto deans shirt* We don't need your jerk ass negativity here with us ok! 

Dean: *laughs* Ok, my bad. 

Roman: *throwns dean onto the ground* 

Nikki: Let's go home you guys, it's been all day and we should let them two talk. 

Kim: No, please stay. 

Eve: What? 

Kim: Stay, I, I have five extra rooms, you guys can all stay in a room.  

Eve: Ok, we'll stay just for you Kim. 

Kim: Thank you.

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