Dark Lies and Secrets

Lindsey Rose White has been the best girlfriend ever to Louis William Tomlinson but Louis had always hid a secret from her. He was really not in love with Lindsey but Lindsey never found out. What will happen when Lindsey sees him with another girl making out? Is this the only secret he has kept from her? Will they keep living on like nothing has happen? What will they find out throughout their life? Will they have a happy future together? Find out in Dark Lies and Secrets.
(Famous in this)
Louis: 21 years old
Lindsey: 20 years old.


4. Chapter 3

Lindsey's POV

"Surprise!!!" Yelled at least 15 voices.

I looked around only to see my family and my best friends.

"The carrot queen has arrived!" Louis shouted dumping water on me.

Who does that? I will get my revenge on him later on.

"OMG, LETS EAT!!" This random girl said.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Samantha, Niall's girlfriend," Samantha said.

She was very like me..... She looked sort of liked me but her personalities were not like me at all except for the part that she's nice. I could tell that she and I would be very good friends.

"Can I call you Sammy?" I asked.

"Sure!!" She said jumping up and down.

It was very awkward after that so I decided it was time for cake. They all ran to the cake and brought it to the living room. Louis slowly opened it and he took out a knife and cut it into twenty pieces. The cake was really pretty. It had pink frosting on the sides and in the left bottom corner and the right top corner, it had this flower thing on it. And in the middle, in pink frosting, it said welcome back although the l in welcome looked liked a c. It was okay because this made me know how much they cared about me. I gave the first piece to Clara, my mom. Then i walked over to give the second piece to my dad. His name is Harry and it gives me the creeps because Clara and Harry are my best friends and they are dating so let's hope they won't have a child named Lindsey. Then I walked over to Katelynn, Katey for shirt, and Kaitlyn. They are my twin sisters but we acted like best friends. I then walked over to Clara and Harry. They were having their 8:00 pm kiss. That meant that they had to kiss for eight minutes. It is 8:20 so they been kissing for too much.

"Ahem," I said.

They turned their heads at me and said,"sorry". They took their cakes and started to feed each other. I then walked and gave Niall, Samantha, Danielle, Liam's girlfriend, Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend, Liam, Zayn, and then to the one and only carrot king. We all sat down and started to chat about random stuff. I saw Louis too focused on the conversation so I decided that now was the time to start my revenge.

"Louis, can I have some of your cake?" I asked pouting.

"Sure,' he replied.

I reached for the bottom of the plate and slammed the cake into Louis's face. He started laughing and that made everyone laugh. After we calmed down a bit, I took Louis to the restroom and helped him clean his face off. I reached for a napkin but he stopped me.

"This cake costed a lot. Don't waste it," he said.

"Then what do you want me to do?Lick it?" I said with a weird face.


"Are you serious?"he nodded so leaned my face into his and started licking it off. I felt something in my shirt and I saw a hand that had cake on it. He pulled up my bra had landed his hands on it. EWWWW!!! I decided to use this as a payback for making me lick his face.

"Lick the cake off," I said. He nodded and lifted up my shirt. Louis took my bra off and started licking. He licked all of it off and we walked back into the living room. It was already late so every left and it was just me and Louis in the house.

"Do you want to have some fun?" He asked.

"What kind of fun?" I said.

"You'll find out," He said with a smirk. And with that, he carried me up bridal style and dropped me on the bed. I think this will be fun.....


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