Dark Lies and Secrets

Lindsey Rose White has been the best girlfriend ever to Louis William Tomlinson but Louis had always hid a secret from her. He was really not in love with Lindsey but Lindsey never found out. What will happen when Lindsey sees him with another girl making out? Is this the only secret he has kept from her? Will they keep living on like nothing has happen? What will they find out throughout their life? Will they have a happy future together? Find out in Dark Lies and Secrets.
(Famous in this)
Louis: 21 years old
Lindsey: 20 years old.


2. Chapter 1

Lindsey's POV

"It's been a week, dad!! Can I go yet?" I yelled showing no expression at all.

"Cut!" The director said.

"Lindsey! You have got to work harder on your expressions! Nobody would like this movie if there is no expression!!" I laughed.

"But whenever the movie is perfect and is out, nobody watches it anyway so why make a movie if you can't earn money from it!" I screamed walking out the door.

He didn't run after me. I guess he didn't want me to be there. Fine! I walked back inside and screamed," I QUIT!! GOOD LUCK FINDING ANOTHER WOMEN BASTARD!!" That felt good. I walked out leaving them hanging with their mouths open and walked to my car. I started driving while thinking about what my boyfriend was doing. He's famous so it's very uncommon to see him. I see him like once a month.

Louis's POV

I heard her moaning. I felt bad. I've been lying to my girlfriend this whole time. I didn't have to go every month. My tour starts next next month.

"HARDER!" She screamed.

Omg this girl has problems. But why did I have a feeling that she would be perfect with me. Wait, I have this feeling for every girl I see. But whenever I kiss Lindsey, I have this firework kind of feeling. I needed to stop this once and for all. I pushed the girl off the bed and pushed her out the hotel room. Who cares if she's naked. Another boy can find her and fuck the hell out of her.

Oh no! I heard paparazzi outside. I ran outside and dragged the girl in. Only to notice that I was naked. The paparazzi got a picture of me and the girl naked. I quickly put on my clothes and left leaving the girl to pay for the hotel debt. I decided to go to the airport and to my house hoping Lindsey doesn't read the news before I get home.

~At the airport~

I bought a ticket to Los Angeles and boarded the plane. I was surprised that nobody recognized me. After a few hours, I was there. I walked out into the limo and drove home.

~Skip car drive~

I opened the door seeing a bloody Lindsey fainting in front of a computer. I called the ambulance and checked what was on the computer. It the picture of me and that other girl naked. If Lindsey dies, I will die with her. I cried on my lap when I heard the ambulance come over and picked her body up. I ran to my limo and told the driver to drive to the hospital. We arrived in a quick 10 minutes and waited for Lindsey to come out.

The surgery was not finished yet. But the doctor had came out every hour to tell us what was happening. I fainted when he came out and said that Lindsey was pregnant with my baby but the baby died because she had very little blood in her. How come she never told me this? She was keeping a secret from me the whole time. I guess this is what I get for cheating on Lindsey.

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