The Tail of Katie

Katie Locke is new. She seems some-what normal. Her and her 2 friends seem weird. She is bullied and teased. If only they knew her secrets.


1. The Moon,the water, the cold blooded

I splash my feet in the water. My feet drowned in cold,icy water. Sitting on the pier on a chilly day wasn't my choice of spending my last sunday of the summer, but I had no choice. Lea and Mary were at the beach, but the beach makes me uncomfortable. Girls half-naked swimming with boys also half-naked in unsafe waters. Not my cup of tea, especially when its 57 degrees and windy. They said they would meet me by Colander Creek at 4, it's 3:30. Better get going. I push myself off the edge and walk towards the street. I turn to the bike rack and unlock my bike. 34-10-03. I position myself and peddle away. Creak, creak,creak. My bike eggs me on to the creek. Why Colander Creek, why not Dairy Queen or Burger King. I finally reach Colander Creek and I jump off my bike. There was Lea and Mary sitting on a rock, just off the edge. "Why are we here?" Lea smiles. "Why not, it may be cold but its beautiful out." She was right. The sunlight perfectly shown through the trees. "Lets go to Kissy Cave." Mary snickers. We call it the Kissy Cave because Lea kissed her crush there.We jump over a couple big roots and duck into the cave. I walk very slowy, but not slow enough. My feet give way and I tumble down the ramp of rocks and I fall on my back at the bottom. Lea and Mary scream for me. It was no use. My voice box seemed bruised. " I oay." I managed to croak. Lea and Mary tried to reach for me. I knew it, I just knew. Lea's right arm that was holding her up also gave way and she comes tumbling down. Mary attempted to grab her ankle but it pulled Mary down with her. Soon we were in a pile on the ground. It would have been ok.... but I saw yellow eyes peaking at me...

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