Will you save me from myself?

A Ticci Toby fanfic!!
He saves you from Jeff, but will he save you from yourself?


4. Why is Jeff a b*tch?

Jeff has been getting weird lately. He keeps looking at me weird. He has this look like he's planning something. Toby hasn't left my side since the "incident".  

"Daddy!! Can we have a big hide&seek game in the woods?" Sally said tugging on his pant leg. "Well of course!! Gather everyone out into the backyard." Slender said patting Sally's head before she ran off gathering the Cps. 

~~~5 Mins Later.~~~~

"Ok everyone!!  We are going to play hide&seek!! No Ifs, ands, or buts!!" Sally said acting all serious.  Ben bursted out laughing. Falling to the ground clutching his side. "XD SHE SAID BUTTS!! XD" BEN managed to say before laughing uncontrollably again. "I think she meant a different type of but.....you are so immature!!" I said.  "Yes. I. Am." He said snapping between each word. "ANYWAY!! EJ will start us out." Slender said. "Yes!!!!!!" EJ said before covering his *cough,cough* eyes. 

       We all ran off. I hid in a tree. Toby could see me perfectly from his spot below behind a rock. I seen everyone but Jeff.  Sally, Lost Silver, BEN,etc.  Around 20 mins have past before EJ found  Toby, but the thing was. Me and Jeff where the only ones he hasn't found yet. "Yo guys!! Where are you?" EJ yelled on the verge of giving up. 

Where the hell is Jeff? I think. It's not the best thing to be in the woods with a dude that's trying to brutally murder you. I hear laughing behind me. I look around, but NOTHING!! "D*mn it Jeff. Stop it already." I yell/whisper.   Then I hear more laughing, still no one. Then I get pushed out of the tree and fall right on the rock where originally Toby was hiding. EJ seen and rushed toward me. "Kayla are you ok?" EJ said. I felt my head. Blood. "F*ck you Jeff!" I scream before I black out.  

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