Will you save me from myself?

A Ticci Toby fanfic!!
He saves you from Jeff, but will he save you from yourself?


1. The beginning.

My name is Kayla. I go to this school right? You know the drill. Somebody is retarded and they get picked on and bullied right? Well I'm not retarded I'm troubled. I have "things" that make me different. These things I can't control. I have visions, terrible ,terrible visions of me doing horrible things. Murder some may call it. But in my visions I call it fun. Am I weird? Maybe but I can't control it. My friend Toby has this problem too. He doesn't have visions or predicts anything. It just, you know, Happens. He kills people. He killed his father. Only I have seen him since he killed his father. Well not only me but this tall,faceless man. We call him slender man. He says I'm his next proxy. What is he going to make me do? He took me into the slender mansion. Everyone seemed to like me. Toby was there too but one person that couldn't stand me was Jeff.

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