Will you save me from myself?

A Ticci Toby fanfic!!
He saves you from Jeff, but will he save you from yourself?


2. So this is how it goes??

I walked over to Dark Shadow. She is my best friend since I got to the slender mansion. "Hey DS ,does Jeff like me?"I asked curious. "Actually Kayla, I don't think so. He doesn't like new people." She replied. "Hmm ok bye." I said walking over to Toby. "Hey Ticci" "Hey Kayla!" "Is something wrong with me? Why doesn't Jeff like me?" I said. "No you're perfect it's just. Jeff isn't really the goody two shoes kinda guy. But once he gets use to you he'll like you. Trust me." Toby said putting his arm on my shoulder. I got up and walked away. Toby always knows how to make me smile!

       I sat on the couch and began to watch tv. That was until Jeff came. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Jeff said in his raspy voice. "Watching tv." "I hate you." He said clutching his knife. "Why?" I said. "You're going to kill me. Ben told me about your dream."

He lifted his knife and ran at me. He pounced onto me and holded his knife up high. "So this is why I'm going to make you go to sleep before you can make me." He was about to plunge his knife straight through my heart. I closed my eyes to scared to see my life end. I waited until the knife came half way then I heard someone tackle Jeff to the ground. But one question, Who just saved my life? 

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