Nothing Lasts Forever - LH

Jailene Tomlinson is starting tour with her older brother, Louis Tomlinson. She thinks it's going to be hell for her since Louis makes it impossible for her to even have a normal conversation with the rest of the band members. Jailene then gets introduced to the band that is going on tour with them. She automatically falls in love with Ashton Irwin. He falls for her too but later he falls in love with someone else and decides it's best to let Jailene go. This disappoints Jailene and she wants to get over him by coming up with a plan. This "plan" being Luke Hemmings himself.


2. two

I reached the exit in the arena. No fans were in sight. I quickly ran to the tour bus. The door was locked. Luckily I had a spear key. I opened it and then closed it. It seemed like I wasn't the only one with the same plan. I heard the TV on in the lounge. I tipi-toed over to the back of the bus where the lounge was located. I pressed a button that opened the lounge, my luck I found Zayn.

"Hey Jailene" Zayn said I walked in. I waved a hi at him. "Why don't you sit down?" He suggested. "I was just about to" I giggled and sat down next to him. "So what are you doing here?" he questioned me. He probably knew the answer but I'll just tell him anyways. "I needed to get away from my brother" I said leaning again the couch.

"And Niall" he added

"And Niall" I repeated laughing.

He was watching some sort of video. It was about four boys:

•one was in a drum-set

•one had a pony

•one had dark hair

•the last one had his hair up like Zayn usually had it

They were gorgeous!

"Who are they?" I questioned Zayn. "Oh, Niall didn't tell you? He's a huge fan of them" Zayn told me not quite answering my question.

He was shocked though. I nodded no to him. "Remember when he had made a call and another band was going to join us?" he asked. "Oh yeah, the band is going on tour with you boys" I replied now remembering a little bit more. "Yeah, well that's them" he quickly smiled. "Oh, the Emo's!" I gasping. "Yes them!" Zayn seemed surprised as if I had just won the lottery.

We continued watching them. They were really attractive! I can't wait for us to tour with them. Zayn had mentioned their names to me. Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Luke Hemmings. Then we watched them sing more of their songs. They were extremely talented. Zayn and I have been sitting in the tour bus for almost 4 hours watching the "Emo's" like the boys call them. The sun was setting and I really need to go back to the arena. Louis would probably think bad about Zayn. But Zayn had a girlfriend and Louis seemed to trust Zayn more than me. Zayn always gave great advice so I wasn't really as scared of being with him than I was with Niall.

"Well I'm going inside I don't wasn't Louis to yell at me for not telling him where I was going to be" I told Zayn as I was getting up. He turned off the TV and stood up himself. "Yeah, I should head inside too, I don't want to get in-trouble with Paul" he chucked and flatted his jean jacket. We walked out the lounge and he closed the door, he also did the same to the tour bus door as we left. We rushed to the arena before we got stuck in a storm of Directioners or before we got in big trouble with Paul -and I with Louis-.

Zayn pulled the door open, he picked his head inside. "Cost clear Jailene" he whispered he opened the door slightly enough for him and I to slide right through. He held the door until it closed and we checked the room Lou was in fixing the lads hair. They were all asleep. "Energy juice" Zayn laughed. I couldn't see Lou, Paul, Louis nor Liam. Zayn and I ran to the stage. We hid behind the screens.

"I can't see them" I peeked my head in and squinted my eyes. Zayn checked his phone. "5 Seconds Of Summer is here" he whispered to me. "Ermmm.. Emo's?" I clarified. "Yeah" he whispered. "Come on, lets go find them" he added. "What if Louis gets mad at me?" I stopped following Zayn. "Just don't talk if he asked you anything. He'll probably believe me" Zayn gestured me to continued walking.

We took like 2 minutes trying to get out of the arena. It wasn't a long way. I finally decided to stay inside by the exit.

I watched from the door. I heard them talk and Louis asked Zayn where we were. Zayn told Louis that I was talking to Perrie cause she really wanted to talk to me. Louis was excited that I talked to Zayn's girlfriend even though I was inside watching them from a far.

I saw the 4 boys coming the direction I was in. I quickly ran as fast as I could. I went inside the room where Niall and Harry remain sleeping. 5SOS room was right across my brothers and his friends. They left he door open slightly enough for me to hear what they were saying. I opened the door and got out not making any noise. I closed it behind me slow and not causing any noise.

"I heard Louis brought his sister on tour with them" I heard one say. Someone played their guitar. "She's a beauty" another one added. "How do you know?" I heard another voice say with a corny laugh. "Louis posted a picture of all the group a couple days ago" the second one go spoke said again. "Just drop it" a new voice said. "But we were just saying that-" I heard the first one who spoke get cut off. "We are here on tour not to be checking out Louis sister! Understood? We will not be flirting with her! We will not be touching her! And we will not be dating her! Don't show any emotion towards her" The last voice said. I heard the voice come closer to the door and I ran back to the room where Harry and Niall were at.

I didn't close the door so but I did leave a tiny amount of room so I can see them. One came out and slammed the door. I didn't see his face. I was guessing he was the one that gave the speech on how they weren't going to date me or any of that. He turned left which I guess he was heading to the stage. I quickly ran the other way so I got to the stage first. I got there in no time. I sat down on the edge of the stage so my legs were dangling down. I heard footsteps and I took out my phone. A blond headed walked in. He had his hands in his pocket and he was looking down. I didn't think he saw me until I banged my leg to the stage and I groaned.

"Shit, I didn't see you there" he said. "Oh it's fine, I should have said something" I giggled.

He laughed and came closer.

"I suppose you're Louis sister" he said removing his right hand from his pocket and stretching it over to me so I can shake it. I then shook it. I got chills when I touched his hand: so soft, big. I looked up at him. I probably got lost in his blue eyes. "Yeah, Jailene Tomlinson. I'm guessing you're Lucas" I said softly.

He laughed "no, I'm not Lucas, it's just Luke, Luke Hemmings" he smirked down at me. "Well it's-just-Luke, sit down" I joked. He sat down and before he could correct me on that i corrected myself. "I know your name is only Luke, I'm teasing you" I said looking at him.


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