Nothing Lasts Forever - LH

Jailene Tomlinson is starting tour with her older brother, Louis Tomlinson. She thinks it's going to be hell for her since Louis makes it impossible for her to even have a normal conversation with the rest of the band members. Jailene then gets introduced to the band that is going on tour with them. She automatically falls in love with Ashton Irwin. He falls for her too but later he falls in love with someone else and decides it's best to let Jailene go. This disappoints Jailene and she wants to get over him by coming up with a plan. This "plan" being Luke Hemmings himself.


3. three

He just laughed and smiled. He jumped up, "well I should be heading with the other boys" Luke said started to walk abandoning me. He had taken 4 steps or so. I watched him walk then he stopped.

He cleared his throat and then he turned to face me. "Do you want to come and meet the rest of the gang?" He said scratching the back of his neck.

"Sure, I'd love that!" I said about to get up myself when Luke gave me his hand again. I held on as he lifted me up. I felt a tingle in my stomach. He started walking and I walked to catch up with him. I was now walking the same pace as he was. We walked in silence, I didn't really mind, I didn't know him, he didn't know me and that was perfectly fine.

He seemed to be focused on something, he bit the inside of his bottom lip. He also put his hands in his pockets. I examined him for that short walk. He seemed pretty non-social. But I was just about to find out. I had your with him for the next month.

We finally reached the room where the rest of the boys where. Niall had joined them. Just looking at them made me feel butterflies.

"Hey Jailene" Niall smirked at me.

"Shut up, don't talk to me." I said turning away causing my injury to start to pound in my head.

"Oh right, you hate me" he laughed.

All of the boys stared at me waiting for me to say something. I blushed causing myself it cover my face a bit. I looked at Niall. His eyes widen as if he wanted me to introduce myself.

"Oh umm... I'm Jailene, Louis sister" I waved at them.

"Hey, I'm Michael Clifford" one of the guys said, I think he was the one that asked one of the other boys the question about me touring with my brother.

"I'm Calum Hood" he had brown hair, I recognized his voice. He was the one that mentioned me.

"Hi! And I'm Ashton Irwin !" I turned over to look at him. My heart probably melted as he smiled letting his teeth sparkle.


His D I M P L E S! Oh lord. He was gorgeous! He was the one with the corny laugh.

"And you know me" Luke said.

"Y-you guys know each other" Ashton laughed. "But I thought you said-" Michael was cut off by Luke.

He nervously laughed "I meet her only a few minutes ago in the stage" he said scratching the back of his neck. Niall observed us. He finally stood up and stretched a little. "Look at the time! It practically 9'o clock!" Niall screeched. "Were gonna be pretty busy" Niall yelled as he made his way toward the door behind me. He elbowed me and I growled. I waved bye at the boys, but I waved a little bit more to Ashton.

He waved back at me as he giggled. He made me feel better. I chased after Niall and pushed him to the hall with my hips, he pushed me back.

"Why did you follow me? Don't you hate me Jailene?" Niall said as he placed his arm over my shoulder. I ignored his pervious comment. Obviously, no one can stay mad at Niall, he's... Niall. "You know, sometimes I wonder how it would be like if I did have a little sister. Would I be protective with her, or would I let her make her own decision?" Niall looked down at me.

"Well, I wish that Louis could trust me. It seems like if he doesn't" I frowned looking at the floor.

"He does trust, he just doesn't want you to get hurt" Niall's voice trailed off. "But who's gonna hurt me? Niall if a relationship is not going well for me, then I'll just end it there" I said looking up at Niall.

Niall stopped walking and he stopped me as well.

"But how are you going to know if you've never been in a relationship before?" He asked serious.



"Niall, you cut me off! That's not fair!" I laughed.

"Whatever!" he pushed me so I was now free from him.

"I bet you were like 'OMG! They are all cute' " Niall said with a smirk.

"Yeah, but Ashton is a keeper" I winked at Niall. "Ahh yes, Ashton" he said kind of sounded like Homer Simpson. "He's really cute" I added. I would totally date him but I don't want to seem like a creep, I don't even have 8 minutes of knowing him and I think I'm in love with the guy.

It's funny what feelings make you think. I really didn't love the guy, I just like him, a lot. He's adorable, and besides I'm going to be with them for the rest of the year until October. I have to admit, I'm really happy that my brother and the lads called Ashton and them because if it was just One Direction boys, I would have yanked my hair out within minutes.

After a few walks around the arena Niall and I walked inside where the stage was located. We found Liam playing British Football with the lads. Everyone from One Direction seemed to be there but again, Niall and Harry missing. I squinted my eyes to see if Harry was playing, but no he wasn't there. Niall obviously was next to me so I didn't look for him. I then heard a slight sneeze coming from the top sections. My luck, I found Harry half asleep with a blanket. I then decided to go with him. I went up some stairs and then I found myself next to Harry.

"sleepy, ehh?" I asked

"Yeah, I think I'm coming down with something"

"Want to go to the bus? It's pretty late already, and I'm sleepy"

"Yeah" he said sneezing once again.

As we stood up Harry covered himself more with his blanket.

"Hey Louis! I'm going to the bus with Harry! I'm really tired!" I shouted.

"Ok then, I'll be there in a bit, I'm pretty worn out myself!" he shouted wiping his head with his arm.

Then I saw a curly head turn his head to me as I watched Louis.

My heart literally came out my throat. He waved hi at me. "Hi Ashton" I said wordless and he read my lips. "Hi Jailene" he said laughing. This time it was a chirpy laugh. I dazed at him still waving hi.

"Jailene!" I heard a slight roar.

"Uh? Oh, sorry Harry" I felt quite embarrassed. I felt my cheeks heat up. Harry directed me to the hallways. We started walking when I pulled some blanket away from him.

"Share some, it's going get cold when we go outside" I uttered a few words out.

He then wrapped some around me. We walked side to side. We heard footsteps behind us. We both looked at each other, I was terrified. He was terrified as well.

"Turn to see who it is" he whispered.

"Hell no! I'm to scared you turn!" I whispered back to him. "What! No! You turn!" He whispered back. "You're the man here! Look who it is!" I yelled back at him slightly loud enough for he could hear.

"At the count to 3" he said.


We both turned. I could hear his heart. Thump after thump after thump.

No one showed up. Yet, the footsteps grew closer and louder.

We both turned to each other again.

"RUN!" we yelled at the same time. As we ran I threw the blanket at him and he tossed and turned in it. I pulled. It off him and took him by the hand and ran. If there were ghost in the O2 arena in London, THANK GOD WE'RE LEAVING TOMORROW! Harry and I found ourselves breathing heavily and our bodies shaking while our teeth rattled in fear.

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