Nothing Lasts Forever - LH

Jailene Tomlinson is starting tour with her older brother, Louis Tomlinson. She thinks it's going to be hell for her since Louis makes it impossible for her to even have a normal conversation with the rest of the band members. Jailene then gets introduced to the band that is going on tour with them. She automatically falls in love with Ashton Irwin. He falls for her too but later he falls in love with someone else and decides it's best to let Jailene go. This disappoints Jailene and she wants to get over him by coming up with a plan. This "plan" being Luke Hemmings himself.


1. one

"I find myself in more hell than you" I pledged for mercy.

"Oh calm down Miss My-Life-is-Hell you're lucky I'm here" he even did quotations in the air.

I laughed at the thought that if my brother found Niall laying on me like this, he would jump to the point that we were "flirting", although he clearly said no dating, this wasn't dating, it wasn't even flirting!

"Niall get off me please!" I said as he did so, lending me a hand to get up myself.

"I don't know, I just find you a little cute" I winked at him as I started walking out the room. Even if it kind of sounded that Niall and I were flirting, we weren't. It was just a way to get each other annoyed.

"Um, Jailene" Niall said following me, as I turned around to face him. He probably didn't have anything to say. I quickly turned my head and then,












Right in the face!

I hit myself in the face with a metal bar sticking out on the side of the ceiling. I gasped for air as I covered my hurt part with my hands. I turned around once again to look at Niall. He was laughing on the floor like it was the funniest thing he has ever seen!

"Niall! Stop laughing! It hurts!" I whined stomping my legs against the floor still holding a hand up to my head.

His laugh filled the room with people. Then as each boy walked in, Louis finally arrived. I kept making neck cutting gestures to Niall to cut it off cause I was dead if Louis would suspect something between us.

"What's going on here!", I hear Louis voice as he places his palm in my shoulder. I quickly drop my action and squint my eyes as if I had just eaten something sour. But I still had one hand in my head.

Liam, Harry, and Zayn shook their heads at each other.

Hopelessly, I stood their as Louis screamed at me to respond to him.

"I-I came in to...umm... I came in...", I stuttered. I was terrified to even answer Louis, he could be the nicest brother ever at some point and at the other he could be hell. I had told mom to not let me come on tour with Louis because something like this might occur, but she insisted me to live through it. I hope that I didn't fall for one of the 1D boys like in those cheesy fan fictions.

"You came in to flirt with Niall didn't you!" His voice came in through one ear and out the other in this case. Niall still remain laughing. How the hell could he still laugh. I uncovered my face and looked at my fingers. They were covered in blood. I turned around and looked at Louis. I knew that if he saw my cut he would let me go -this time-.

"I-I hit myself with that bar!" I shouted pointing at it. Louis didn't do much. My cut was probably small. He continued to scream at me. Tears formed in my eyes, Louis didn't seem to care about my head just about Niall and I in the same room. Lou finally came in.

"Louis! Stop yelling at your sister! Paul and I can hear you from the other side of the arena!" She whispered at him in a mad tone. "I just got Lux to sleep! Don't make any more noise! Come on boys, I'm going to show you some hairstyles" she said as she waved her hand to lead all the 5 boys out. After what seemed like decades Niall stood up and wiped his eyes.

"Ahh, that was so funny!" he blurt out and started walking. I took off my shoe as quickly as I possibly could. I tossed it to Niall but it missed.

"Oh how I hate you so much right now Niall!" I groaned. He laughed and walked out. I ran after my shoe and put it back on. I followed them and made another turn into the restroom. I went to wipe the blood off and it burned and I hissed as I washed it off. I pulled out a bit of my bangs from my pony tail to over my injury, I couldn't even notice it. As I finished applying my chocolate-dough Chapstick I was walking out when I heard two familiar voices talking.

Louis and Niall.

"No, I know Louis. Nothing was going on she was just -" Louis cut off Niall.

"I know, I know. You guys can talk but just stay away from being more than friends. Please she's my little sister. She hasn't experienced love before. I don't want her to get hurt" Louis finished. I 'awwed' to myself. But that's not fair! Lottie was younger than me and she had been dating for like a hundred years!

"But Lottie-" Louis cut off Niall once again. At least someone was on my side right?"Yeah, I know but she's not on tour with me, Jailene is. Besides you're turning 20 in a couple of months and she 17. Come on Niall, marinate with that" Louis finished saying.

They started walking and the footsteps started fading, but they continued talking. I heard Louis say a name something with Summer and Niall responded back screaming. He seemed pretty excited. Finally, when I couldn't hear no more talking nor footsteps I peeked my head out and started walked out to the tour bus, although Paul had told us days before not to because what if the fans manage to make their way inside. To get Niall back I would have done anything, but to get in more trouble with Louis just gave me chills.

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