Nothing Lasts Forever - LH

Jailene Tomlinson is starting tour with her older brother, Louis Tomlinson. She thinks it's going to be hell for her since Louis makes it impossible for her to even have a normal conversation with the rest of the band members. Jailene then gets introduced to the band that is going on tour with them. She automatically falls in love with Ashton Irwin. He falls for her too but later he falls in love with someone else and decides it's best to let Jailene go. This disappoints Jailene and she wants to get over him by coming up with a plan. This "plan" being Luke Hemmings himself.


4. four

We were in the plane going to Mexico. I didn't have time to ask Lou to sleep in their tour bus since we were gonna leave and I decided to tell her if I could sleep with them whenever we would get on a tour bus again.

We were told that we were going to be staying in hotels for most of the tour. It was 3:46am and I had not gone to sleep, I was afraid of flying in planes. All the lights were out and the curtain to the back of the plane was closed. Ashton and the other boys were there, Luke's mom had called that she was gonna start touring with us in the shows in Hershey.

I wish my mom had not forced me to come with my brother and his friends. Well with the four extra boys I thought I could be possibly more interesting.

"Go to bed" someone said kicking the back of my seat.

"I'm not sleepy" I yawned. I had not noticed how sleepy I had become but I was not closing my eyes. No sir! What if the plane fell and I was asleep! Oh nonsense! I don't wanna think about it!

"Yes you are, well be here so just go to sleep! It's not like we have any way to leave you here" his voice was scratchy and tired. I recognized his voice anywhere.

"Well I don't care! Why did you have to bring me anyway! I don't wanna tour!" I responded to Louis.

"Look, I promise you that you will enjoy tour" Louis said, his voice slowing down and stopping by the second.

"You promise?" I questioned.

"Promised" his voice trailed off as he fell to sleep. I decided to close my eyes and just sleep since my head was hurting a bit.


It was already 8 and I felt as if today was gonna be terrible, everyone was still asleep. Except for Calum and Michael. They were playing some short of shooting game and get were so into it. They probably saw me pass and they both greeting me good morning and I did as well but their eyes were focused on their iPhones. I walked to the back of the plane where the restroom was located and thankful no one was inside.

I entered and I pulled out my phone and started scrolling through my iMessage. No replies. I closed the door behind me and turned the light on. I turned and I was in front of the mirror but I didn't look at it I was to busy in texting my mom when I felt as if I needed to look at the mirror so I quickly looked up at it.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhh!" I screamed terrified of what was in front of me. My eye was swollen and purple. A huge lump had formed on the corner of my forehead.

"Jailene!" I heard banging at the door. Sort of sounded like Michael. "What's wrong! Open!"

"No!" I responded

"No what?!"

"No nothing's w-wrong. I j-just" I stopped talking and looked for something to make an excuse for Michael could leave me.

"Oh, did the toilet paper fell inside?" He questioned.

"No are you redic-" I stopped for a moment before I could say anything.

"Ah, yeah?" it kind of sounded like a question.

Michael just laughed at me and left. I was extremely lucky that he didn't come inside and saw me like this. If he saw me he would have told Ashton and then Ashton would try to leave, well at least I think he would.

I stayed thinking for a little longer thinking about what was going to happen with Ashton and myself. I know we weren't dating but I also knew that I lost my chances with him and if he saw me like this he would consider me a monster.

"Hey!" I heard loud banging again. This time it wasn't Michael. My heart got to the point where I could no longer feel it under this pressure.

"Are you gonna take long in there?" I heard him giggle, a nervous giggle. "If you are I could wait a few more min-" I quickly cut him off. Was he thinking that I was doing number two?

"I, ah, no I'm not even using it, I mean I am, wait, no I'm not, I am just here for no damn reason. Wait what am I saying?" I seriously just scared the crap out of him. I face palmed myself because I am seriously so dumb. Gosh, it's barely the first day that we've been traveling on a plane and I already messed everything up in the last 8 hours. I seriously thought I could have changed everything with him and date him. But then again, Louis.

"I-ah-I'll wait" he said. And I quickly covered my face with my bangs and left the restroom. I glanced at Ashton and his face was extremely red. He didn't even look at me, it seemed as if I was invisible to him. I ran to the front of the plane ashamed of myself. How would I let this happen? Most of all, why would I let this happen?!

I hated Niall! I hate Niall! Matter of fact I will go find him right now. As I pushed the curtain apart I covered my eyes and felt my face turn red. The tiny curtain windows were all down and these people were being social network freaks.

I searched for the blond head. The Irish guy, it was kind of dark and I scanned everyone's hair. Brown, brown, brown, brow, br-blond! I had found the trouble maker. He was going to pay for my insecurity. I was mad, no, I was furious! When I reached him I grabbed him by his collar and shook him.

"You little shit!"

"What did I do?!"

"I hate you! I hate you! You hear that? I fucking hate!"

"What the- what did I do!"

I let him go but I pushed him against his seat.

"I'm going to get you, you won't get away with this"

I pulled the curtain and ran to the restroom. Ashton had just opened the door and I pushed him aside. Well, I thought, if I have no chance with him then I don't care what I do, and he won't care what I do as well.

Slamming the door behind me I started crying. Tour hadn't even started and I already want to go home, I want everything to end. I couldn't be here any longer and I didn't know how I was going to get out of this plane. But somehow I wasn't going to make it to tour.

"Aye, Jailene?" I heard a slight knock.

"Y-yeah?" I sniffed.

"Is something wrong? I-I saw you come in" Luke said.

"Everything is wrong!" I yelled.

"Well can you let me in and we can talk."

"No, you'll get scared of me!"

"Why? You're a really pretty and nice girl, why would I be scared of you?" Luke said, and that's when I realized there was an other female in the plane.

"Luke?" I asked.


"Can you please call Lou?"


She turned my head to the left, then to the right, up and then down. She whispered a few stuff to herself and then she examined my face for the last time. I hope all this time she was taking was worth the wait. I know I pushed Ashton but I like this guys and I don't want him to think I'm some sort of blood-and-marry person. Even if he doesn't want anything with me, I just want us to talk without him thinking I'm a creep.

"Ok hold this for me" Lou handed me a mascara. I honestly was terrified. I only wore make up like 2 times.

"Turn to the right..left..look up..stay still..look down..tilt your head up.." She directed me.

"Ah-uh" was her last words. She was amazed of how she left me. She took quick pictures before showing me to the mirror behind me. I was actually pretty nervous, but then again she's Lou.

As I turned I saw a totally different person in the mirror. I wasn't even sure if that was me or someone else.

"Woah.." I gasped.

"You want to show the others" she said.

I wasn't quite sure if I should or not. I mean where the only two girls, well one lady and a teen. I know I would feel really uncomfortable due to the fact that the only few times I wore make up was in my room back at home when I had stole Lottie's eye-liner. And the last time I remember was when the twins won a dare and they had to paint me.

Lou had taken me by the hand, and no one was in the back section of the plane. I heard Lux and her dad in the front, none of the 4 boys where here. There was probably food in the front. As we walked and Lou lead me to the curtain I took a deep breath.

"Are you ready" Lou mouth to me.

I closed my yes,"yes" I said opening them again. I was correct, they were all seated in the table section of the plane. Taking 3 steps I looked at everyone, and everybody saw me.

Juice spilled out of Luke's mouth and Louis' mouth fell open. Harry and the other four boys froze as Calum and Michael examined me from head to toe. And I glanced over to Ashton, a huge smirk on his face.

I wasn't sure what was going on in his head but I was sure going to figure it out.

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