Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase portal into the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter! (The story will be better than the summary...I promise) Percabeth, Ronmione, GinnyXHarry


5. Percy

Come on dad!! How am I supposed to prove to these people that you are in fact my dad!! These people don't know that your my dad because they have magic to do everything for them!

And suddenly, as if my wish came true, my dad sprung out of the lake. The reaction was hilarious!!!

Ron screamed and fainted, Hermione caught him and sighed, Harry ran and stood behind Hermione. Annabeth walked up to me, put a hand on my shoulder and said,

"Well, hello Mr. Poseidon, how is your day today?"

"Not bad," answered my dad.

"Hey dad! What are you doing here?" I say, acting casual.

"Oh, I was in the area." He says, catching on. There seems go be a lot of doldrums in the area."

"What?!?" Yelled Hermione, "Your father really IS Poseidon?? You weren't just making this up?!"

"Well..."Annabeth started.

"I TOLD YOU!!" I yelled, unable to help myself. "I was right and you were wrong!" I sang.

"So immature..." Murmured the girls together.

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