Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase portal into the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter! (The story will be better than the summary...I promise) Percabeth, Ronmione, GinnyXHarry


4. Percy

A/N: I don't know why the size of the words changed. Also thank you for the McElroy comments AnnabethHermioneChase, Amy653, and DOBBY1234!! Made me happy!

DISCLAIMER: if I owned PJ of HP, do you think I would actually write fanfictions instead of writing real books?

"Ok. Wait wait wait?!?! What?" Yelled the boy with red hair, Rupert or Robert or something (I'm just not good with names, it's not like I don't care.)

"Yeah...I'm not sure I believe you." Said the one with untidy black hair and lighting bolt scar (must be a child of Zeus.)

"Okay. He'll prove it to you. Watch." Annabeth challenged, then whispered to me, "Go jump in that lake and stay under. Then they'll trust us."

"Okay!! I said and immediately jumped off the dock.

"What!?!?!" yelled the bossy bushy haired girl.

I swam to the bottom of the lake and stayed down there for ten minutes. Then I realized that there are people up there waiting for me to come up (I'm forgetful, and having ADHD and dyslexia doesn't help either...)

When I came up, none were surprised.

"You just took some gillyweed. Duh! Every person in the wizarding world knows about that." Said the girl.

"Gilly-who-now?" Annabeth and I shouted at the same time.

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