Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase portal into the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter! (The story will be better than the summary...I promise) Percabeth, Ronmione, GinnyXHarry


2. Hogwarts, here we come!!

A/N: this is in the goblet of fire. It might not make sense, but just go with it.

Hermione's POV

What was Ron's problem, anyways? Why did he always have to be so insensitive? I would totally be into him if he wasn't a complete jerk!

Anyways, I don't care.

Even though I'm kinda into him.

Well, OK, I'm really into him.


Suddenly there was a beam of light and I screamed waking up every girl in the dormitory. Then appeared two people sporting bright orange t-shirts and jeans. The boy was maliciously brandishing ing a ballpoint pen. The girl was holding a bronze knife. The boy had messy black hair, that somewhat resembled Harry's. He also had sea green eyes. They were very mesmerizing. The girl had waist length curly blonde hair and shatteringly gray eyes.

We just stared at each other for a couple seconds until the boy said, "What do ya know?! Annabeth was right!!"

"Like always." Said the girl, who sounded preoccupied.

"What....who..."I stammered.

Then the explaining started.

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