This is just a bunch of stories I found when going through notebooks from when I was younger- hence the name. So I'll be posting the articles edited and then add some comments below. Thanks for reading!


4. Voices

"Ahh, it's a lovely day," I say. 

"I agree," said a voice. 

"Me too," said another. 

"Who said that?" I cry. 

"We did, up here. Ever heard of trees?" Yes, I thought. Just not talking ones!

"We can move, too, want to see?"

Not really, but seeing you're as tall as skyscrapers- "Sure!" I chatter. Suddenly, I was grasped around the middle and it went dark. "Where I am?" 


Oh gods. What the heck was going through my mind when I wrote this? Actually, I changed my mind. I don't want to know. And yeah, there's a couple tense problems that I didn't edit because I figured I'd leave it to show how long ago this was. There was no paragraphing, either. 

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