This is just a bunch of stories I found when going through notebooks from when I was younger- hence the name. So I'll be posting the articles edited and then add some comments below. Thanks for reading!


1. The King

He was terrified. He was surrounded. 

The king's men hauled him away. "I didn't do it! Honest!" My guess is they hauled him to a prison cell. But today is his trial. 

"He snuck right into the Queen's quarters and stole it- her favorite diamond necklace!" 

Finally, the thief was ruled innocent. 

Later, on the news, I saw a segment about the judge. He had mysteriously been found dead in his house. I'll stay out of the King's way, I think!


This one's my personal favorite- just casually killing people for revenge. And I was like nine! I might actually edit this one up... it could be a decent story, eventually. 

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