Why can't my life be simple?


1. complicated

"What's h'on da go?" My father says after I walk out of my bedroom. He sits there with his morning coffee and newspaper ready to start the day. "Ehm.. I'm not sure what I'm doing today but nothing fun that's for sure." I replied in a moan. The reason I'm in such a "mood" is because last week I got grounded for doing absolutely nothing, literally. It was a Sunday and I was enjoying my day before I have to go back to school the next day. I was so relaxed but the at the moment I was almost in a snooze my mother asks me to do the dishes. I really was tired so I said "I'll do it later" and fell back on the couch, then my mom went on about how lazy I was and I didn't do anything to help around the house. That made me mad. I knew there wasn't any point in arguing with her but I went off shouting anyway. "I just want ONE DAY to not do anything, not clean, feed the animals, not have to worry about school! Is that to hard to ask for?!" Well that just made her look at me in disbelief, her own daughter wasn't shouting at her was she? Yes she was.

After I said those words, I felt horrible. I never shout at her, I just blew my top. The words flowed right out of my mouth and I barely had to think. I looked down at the ground and I thought long and hard, I said "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, you know I didn't." She looked at me again, still thinking if what punishment to give me but surprisingly she turned and walked away.

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