Chickadeeanya- Book 1- How to be a fangirl

Joey Graceffa:
The two simple words that formed a name sparked interest in Hailey Mills's life. She was a closet “psychopath."
“Mom, can I PLEASE go to vidcon? Joey is going to be there!" She would say every year.
Hailey denied her obsession around her friends: but one day...


1. Closet Psychopath

~Hailey's POV~


My name is Hailey Mills. I'm 18, still living with my mother, and about to graduate high school.

I absolutely LOVE YouTube.... None of my friends know except Gigi: but even she doesn't know about my obsession with the perfect Mr. Joey Graceffa.

If I could find anybody perfect in the world, it would be him. I am a closet psychopath, and I'm not ashamed to admit it: perfect hair, enchanting eyes: he is perfectly “Shining shimmering splendid"..... Anya.

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