District Sleeps Alone

"But I was the one worth leaving."

Felix and Toby are young lovers who have moved to New York to start a new life. All is well until the day of September 11, 2002 when Osama Bin Laden succeeds in his attacks on the capital. Therefore taking over the president's office. Soon, Osama divides the countries into districts of twelve and to make things worse, he separates loved ones and forces them to battle to the death in arenas. Toby and Felix are soon captured and thrown into different districts. Felix in district 3, Toby in district 12. Their love is tested to the max. Will they fight for love, or will the two turn away from love to fight for something more precious. Freedom.

I'm taking a break from False Light to write a pewbuscus story. I've been hooked on this ship for quite awhile and decided to write. I promise this story will have quicker updates because I'm actually hooked on them. The story you're about to read is a crossover of the hunger games, Osama Bin Laden's attack on 9/11 and government issues. If you find yourself offended by any of this then I suggest you not read this story, as it will have a lot of racial tension.

*Many other youtubers will be mentioned.


3. Casted Away

Once outside of their apartment citizens we're darting in all directions in the town square. Some people ran from the destruction, while others chased the cloud of smoke over to the Twin Towers.

"Toby, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Felix screamed over the cries of the hurt.

Toby didn't answer right away, he was too distracted by the sight of two now destroyed towers. Men and woman jumping from the highest point of the tower to meet death once they hit the concrete below.

"We needed to see -"Toby was immediately interrupted by the loud cracking of the towers.

"Duck!" He cried, pulling Felix to the ground as the towers collapsed in a heap, shards of glass shooting in all directions as citizens cried out in agony when parts of the towers impaled them.

Once Toby found the strength he slowly looked up into the empty space of where the two towers once stood. Just before Toby could speak to Felix, a hologram in the middle of the square popped up.

Osama Bin Laden stood there with a smirk plastered on his face. Toby felt a surge of anger take over him as the foreign accent boomed throughout the city.

"Good evening my lovely citizens. I see you've enjoyed my little show."

Everyone gasped as they came to realise just who was behind this chaos.

"If you didn't know my fellow army has overthrown your government. You're now starring at your new president."

The city fell silent except for a sudden roar of men armed charged down the streets.

"Do not fear my men, we're only going to separate all of you into some districts for a game show I'm planning. Until then my new citizens."

No one stayed to see the ending of the Osama's hologram, for everyone scattered in all directions to get away from his men. Toby yanked Felix up and darted for the nearest roadway that seemed deserted.

It wasn't deserted at all.

The two ran into the alley only to be pulled apart by six armed men.

"Toby!" Felix screeched as one of the men yanked the Swede by his hair. Toby desperately tried to fight off his guards but failed after five of the men had to restrain him.

"Look at what we have here." A man who looked like the commander of these men. "Two little faggots."

Toby stirred and cried out in rage.

The Commander cackled as he threw Felix into the arms of another man and spoke, "Take him to district three."

Tears streamed down Felix's cheeks as the man gripped his arms and started walking out of alley. The Swede quickly turned his head to get one last glance at his lover.

"Wherever you go, I will find you! This I promise you!" Toby cries out to Felix who only nodded before being taken out of Toby's sight.

The Commander growled at Toby's outburst. He bawled up his fist and brought down hard against Toby's head.

Toby fell back into the arms of his captors. The last word Toby has memory of is twelve, before everything went black and he fell unconscious.

// See ya in chapter four! cx

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