Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


3. Maybell Rose Mcartney

Hello, im Maybell but call me May. I'm from Newyork but I live in manchester with my mom. Im 19 and I have an official fashion designing degree. I'm 5'6. I have brown curly locks which end up on my waist. I have brown eyes and you can say I'm physically fit. Favourite hobby is cooking and dancing. I'm definitely not a typical teenager who falls for boys and fangils over every single boyband. I prefer being orignal but hey I'm not the sweetest person you know I can be a bitch at times haaha well i guess that's all the information you'll need. Oh I forget to mention that i seriously hate one direction and justin beiber. Welcome to my world (:
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