Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


22. chapter 19

Sorry guys I didn't update exams going on at the moment! Wish me luck and enjoy the chapter (: Mays POV: Alright so let's talk about Twitter yeah? So no one expect modest and one direction and my mom and Chloe and el and dani and perrie knew that I was one directions new stylist but before that news got out, a picture of Niall and kissing came up on Twitter it was from our cute date and well let's just say the fans aren't supportive at the moment. Ofcourse we had to disclose our relation ship after the picture got out and Niall did on Twitter. Niall was always there to support me when I felt down trust me handling hate from more than 8 million crazy girls is extremely tough. Oh they still don't know I'm their stylist and well that news would disclose tomorrow at the boys concert I really hope that this goes well. *Next day* "ni I'm so nervous" I said to Niall as he rubbed comforting circles on my back "dont worry boo its gonna be alright I'll be there with you every step of your life every up and down. Live your life carefree enjoy while you're still young" he said I couldn't keep it in anymore "Niall - I uh I LOVE YOU" I said and his lips curved up in an angelic smile " I love you more than you can imagine I've been waiting to tell you that for so long I just didn't have the guts to" I chuckled as he leaned in to kiss me his lips touched mine electrical sparks shooting through my body Niall licked my lips to ask for enterance and I flashy allowed him to this was the first time we deepened a kiss his tongue explored my mouth and our tongues danced together my hands were tugging on his hair and his one arm was resting on the small of my back and the other traveled from my neck to my stomach to the waist band of my shorts his hand slid under my shorts and my panties and he massaged my clit his finger going up and down my wet part moans escaped my lips and I could feel him smile in the kiss. I realized I was sitting on Niall and I could feel him growing underneath me so I gently broke the kiss. "you look beautiful, I love you so fucking much" he whispered in a low husky voice. I completely melted then and there "I love you too Niall, so so much" I wanted him so much but I was waiting for just the right moment and the fact that Niall had to leave for rehersals and I had a meeting with Simon I had to collect my id card from him. "lets go?" I questioned to which he nodded and held his hand out for me grab we fixed our hair and clothes and walked outside to the lobby to go to the arena. The boys were dropping me at modest on their way to the arena. Pleasant start of a day hope it stays the same.
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