Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


20. chapter 17

Mays POV: "jinglebellss, wake up" I opened my eyes to see Nialls ocean blue eyes."jinglebells don't forget our date" he said I chuckled at his excitement "I won't I'm too excited to forget" I replied "now that's my girl" he said helping me up. "Where is everybody?" I asked "breakfast downstairs in the hall I came here to bring you down for breakfast" "oh okay I'll be there in 5" "I'll stay get ready we'll go together" he smiled "alright I said as I pulled out a teeshirt and shorts and got in the bathroom to change. I walked out to find Niall lying on the bed with his feet hanging off bed his shirt had drewn up a bit revealing his v-line and boy was I turned on I wanted to kiss him hard! I shook off my thoughts and as Niall got up "lets go" he said as he walked out and I followed him. *later that day* "okay so here's what your going to wear el and I will do your hair and perrie will do your makeup now go we don't have time" dani said as she pushed me to the bathroom I took a shower and wore the clothes dani gave me. It was a beautiful white sleeve-less buttondown shirt which tied up in a knot at the end it showed a little of my stomach. There was a pair of light wash denim shorts. With black converse. "Omygod its suits you so much and you've got the perfect thigh gap I wish I had one" exclaimed perrie as she checked me out. El and dani worked in my making a waterfall side braid and perrie applied minimal makeup. I was ready as I was about to leave there was a knock on the hotel room door I opened in to find Niall he was wearing denim jeans and a t shirt with his hair made into a perfect quiff. "You look beautiful" he said smiling at me "you look handsome your self nialler" I complimented. "ready to go?" "Yea" I waved at the girls and they made kissy faces I showed them a middle finger and they acted as if they were hurt I chuckled at them and followed Niall. "We're walking to the eiffel tower is that okay?" Niall asked nervously "I always prefer walking Ni" I replied and he smiled at my response. We were walking when accidentally our hands brushed each other. Niall got all nervous but me being me I took his hand in mine he looked at me for a second and then back to the side walk I chuckled" why are you so nervous?" "Who said I'm nervous?" He lied "really me? You tryin to fool me?" "Fine I get nervous let's forget that yeah?" I chuckled and shook my head we reached the eiffel tower and I took in the breath taking view. It was so beautiful. "its so beautiful" I said "Not as much as you are" Niall said making me blush. He pinched my cheeks as he chuckled. "cmon there's more" he said grabbing my hand and running towards a gate which led to an elevator. We got in "we're going on the top of the eiffel tower?" I asked getting excited. "yupp" he said the elevator dinged and came to a stop I quickly got out to find stairs in front of me. "dont tell me we'll have to climb all those stairs" I groaned "yupp we do lazy ass" Niall said We climbed a few stairs Niall was like going perfectly and I was dying "how can tou be so fresh after climbing all that" "may we only climbed 4 floors" "only?" He laughed at my actions "want a ride?" "Yes please" I said as I hoped on Nialls back he carried me all the way to the top he was panting now a bit. I hoped off his back and once again took in the view the city looked so tiny from the tower. Niall snaked his arms around my waist and led me to a table we sat there and food was served we talked about anything and everything that came in my mind. After dessert Niall took me to this small cabin I got in and realized it was a photobooth we took a few pictures and Niall payed for the two copies they were beautiful. "theres more" Niall whispered in my ear as he dragged me we flew down the stairs quicklyy and got into the car. We drove for 15 mins and Niall came over to my side he opened the door and lifted me bridal style and walked over to a lake and set me down. He took my hands in his and stared straight into my eyes I could see his crystal clear blue eyes "Maybell, I like you a lot since the day you came here you've been driving me insane the first time you kissed me, I still can't get it out of my head and since that day all I want is to call you mine so Maybell rose will you make me the luckiest man alive by being my girlfriend?" I stood there completely awe struck staring in his eyes he finally asked me to be his girlfriend "A billion times yes Niall 26 alphabets are too less to describe my happiness right now" I said I hugged him tightly he pulled away and stared into my eyes he leaned in and once again our lips locked together moving in sync. Nialls kisses were soft like roses they showed love and that's all I ever wanted. Being Nialls girlfriend is the best feeling in the world. Yay so they are finally together! Any suggestions? Meeta x
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