Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


19. chapter 16

Nialls POV I finally asked her out. I was beyond happy she said yes and again the kiss we shared last night, I was mesmerized! "Niall you ready?" Asked may who was getting ready in my room. She looked like an angel today, her hair was dead straight making it look longer. She wore a bennie. She was dressed in a sun dress which reached her knees. She was just so beautiful. "Earth to Niall!" She said getting me out of my thoughts "I-uh oh sorry yea let's go" she chuckled and I swear it made my heart warm. We walked over to the living area to find the boys ready to go we settled in the SUV and set off for the heathrow airport. *In the plane* Mays POV: "So the date" Niall asked "yea what about it" "well, Ive got it all planned, its going to be at the eiffel tower. Is that okay?" "I love it Niall, don't you worry" "Okay so we'll go tomorrow at 6 yea?" "Okay casual or formal" "Casual" "okayy I'm so excited yay!" "Me too" he replied kissing my cheek. "yo love birds, wanted to tell you guys that um el, dani and perrie will meet us at the airport and they'll stay with us for a week" Lou said getting all excited. "oh cool" Niall replied "who's el dani and perrie?" I asked confused "eleanour, el is Louis' girl friend, perrie is zayns and daniell dani is liams" "oh, will they like me? Do I look okay, they must be beautiful oh my god I hope I dont -" I was cut off by Niall "oh my god may don't worry you're beautiful as much as they are don't worry they're normal girls they'll love you" Niall chuckled. It seemed to calm me. Oh well. "We are now landing please switch off your mobile phones and fasten your seat belts" the lady announced I did what she said and well clung on to Niall as the plane hit the ground. We were escorted to the terminal and there was security surrounding us "Eleanour Dani Perriiee" Louis screeched as he picked up a beautiful girl with brown hair and a perfect body. I assumed she was el. Liam went to Daniel who was as pretty as el and zayn to perrie she looked familiar as I looked closely I saw it was perrie Edwards from little mix. Wow. Harry Niall and I walked over to the girls Niall introduced me to them "Hi nice to meet you may" el said pulling me in for a hug I hugged the three of them them they seemed nice. "oh welcome to the one directions girlfriend community" dani said "what?" "you and Niall are dating right?" "Uhm no were not" I replied I heard Niall mutter "yet" "oh I'm sorry I thought you two were together you'll look too cute together" she squeeled! "All right girls and lads in the tour bus now!" Some big guy came and said. "who's that?" I asked harry "oh he's our body guard Paul" "okay" We got in the tour bus it was breath taking there was a small living area with a flat screen and a small kitchen and a door which led to the bunks. They were super cute! "like it?" Zayn asked "love it" I replied still in awe. *later that day* We reached this fancy looking hotel and well the girls and I shared a room and the boys shared one. " so may when are you and Niall going to married"perrie asked " what do you mean" I spoke blushing "oh please don't play all innocent we see the way you two look at each other" dani said "well we are going out on a date tomorrow" I told them "Realllllyyyyyy" el squeeled "where is he taking you?" "Eiffel tower" "Omygoodd that's so cuteee, we're going to dress you up casual or fancy?" "Casual" "Alrighty then get your beauty sleep we gotta make your sexy ass look sexier tomorrow" she said in an African accent. I chuckled at dani and went to sleep. Too much excited for the date.
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