Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


11. chapter 10

Mays POV I was woken up by an excited Louis jumping on my bed I groaned and hit him with a pillow and well it accidentaly landed on his 'HAPPY'. ouch. "what'd you do that for?" He groaned Being the bitch i am "well I hope you that you shouldn't ever mess with a sleeping me now get out i need to get ready" I said sassily while helping him up. "fiesty" he muttered sticking his tongue out at me while walking out of my room I chuckled at what happened and got ready for the day. I wore a black tanktop with light wash denim shorts and my high tops. After I was satisfied by my looks I walked downstairs to find all the boys except liam watching some game on tv and well niall he was chomping on a sandwich I grabbed my self one and sat next to him"mornin" he greeted me "mornin, whats on plate for today?" "We'll we'll go to opera house and some place calles blue mountains nd we'll also go for some shopping and speaking of plate we're gonna eat loads" "ofcourse how can you forget food" "hey I'm married to food, food is me life" "haha I know I saw you having sex with my cupcakes" "gotta say she's pretty good at it" he said with a wink that's when liam came into the room and turnes of the telly he was on phone with someone he looked up at us and frowned we all shared glances none of us knew what was going on. He finally ended the call and sat on the sofa with a huff. Louis quickly wnet over and patted liams shoulder "everything alright mate?" He asked "it was Simon, we're going back to England" Liam said with a sigh "but why?" Harry asked "Well our tour has been re-scheduled and we start touring in 3 weeks so we have to get back to rehersals and Maybell has to design clothes as well so yea" "when are we leaving?" Niall asked "tonight at 8" "Well we do have a few hours right? Let's not be sad let's enjoy the beautiful weather yea? We'll have much fun while touring but let's just go to the beach and have fun! Cmon get up" I adviced Everyone smiled at the idea and well Lou had this smirk on his face "Last one to the beach is the loser" with that he ran off and everyone scrambled to their rooms to change. I reached the beach hoping I won't be the last one to but sadly I was "may is the loser" Lou kept on saying "hey clasping a bra is very difficult" I said refering to my bikini top. "but you're still the loser and you're dare is too kiss Niall- on the lips - 30 seconds" he smirked at me I looked at him with my mouth Hung open but I had to so I walked over to niall who had a slight smile on his face I looked at him and pressed my lips on his and I swear I felt the sparks! Was i falling for him? I was pulled out of my thoughts when louis said that 30 seconds werw over I just wanted to kiss him again. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't feel the same about me. anyhow we went in for some swims and I swear this day was the best day of our lives. Sneaky Louis yeah? Mhn well thanks for reading heart and comment love you all :* Meetaxx
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