Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


32. 26

Nialls POV: Shit. Harry's grip was too tight on my neck and I was choking. If liam didn't pry him off of me, I would've definitely been dead already. Liam sat me down on one of the chairs and surprisingly we were the only ones there in the waiting room. I was drinking the water liam had given and the ENTIRE time harry was glaring at me his eyes full of fire they were darker than ever and I was scared, it was extremely uncomfortable. Harrys POV: Fuck. I couldn't control my anger the moment he got out I attacked him my hands immidietly found their way on his neck squeezing him. He was choking but I wasn't even moving I was too shocked to even process. Liam pried me off of him. I was staring at him and well after 5 minutes I totally lost it. Nialls POV: I turned my head towards him and our eyes met he stood up nd walked towards me. "your girlfriend is the reason my bestfriend got shot. Hope she's happy" he spit at me with disgust filled in his words. His words about May had set me on the edge I could've jumped up and strangled him to death but I didn't I took it calmly because I knew harry was greatly effected by seeing Louis in pain and this harry seemed unusual. "mate, don't say that yea? She's as shocked as you are and even she doesnt know about those men. She still is pretty guilty. Calm down please" I said in the most calm way possible but harry his eyes stayed the same fuming dark colour he stared at me and I looked back at him and I was literally taken aback when I saw a tear roll down his cheek.
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