Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


30. 25

Nialls POV: The bullet came flying towards may but Louis came in front of her and took the bullet the minute it hit Louis I ran to him we all gathered around when we heard a thud I looked over to see May on the ground I quickly went over to her and picked her in mg arms. Her body was pale blue I looked at her and suddenly the cops barged in along with paramedics they took Louis and may away from I just stood there still. It was horrible it all happened in a swish. The cops questioned harry and zayn while liam and I left for the hospital. Northern of us said a single word. We were too shocked to say a thing. Wait- "Liam wheres Paul?" I asked liam he muttered an I don't know obviously too much confused about te situation. *at the hospital* "Maybell Rose Mcartney and Louis tomlinson" "Room 201, 5th floor and Room 202" We walked first to Louis' room it was locked from inside a nurse didn't let us in. "Sorry gentle men the doctors are checking on him they'll be out in 30 mins." The nurse said. "Is he alright" "yes, don't worry the bullet didnt hit him on the heart so his life is safe but his left shoulder was hurt badly so it would take time to heal." She said giving us a comforting smile. I was relieved a bit but may, I don't know what happened to her. "Liam I'm going in the next room to check on her wanna come?" "no ni you go in alone I'll check on her when you're done" "okay". I walked in Mays room she was connected to a single machine. Her pale skin and pained look immidietly brought tears to my eyes I walked over to her and held her hand in mine. I felt the usual sparks shooting through my body. "Maybell sweety don't leave me you're strong I know you are but without you I'm not and Lous also fine babe. I miss you already." Right then I felt a pat on my back I turned around to see a doctor behind me "son she'll be fine don't you worry she was just shocked. She'll wake up in a few hours. Try to make her happy" he said smiling widely "thankyou doc" I smilrs back he examined her and left. I stood and leaned over her kissing her forehead but I couldn't hold in my urges and I kissed her on her lips I stayed for seconds hoping for any movements and I felt her twitch beneath me. I stood straight in front of her she opened hee beautiful chocolate brown eyes "is Louis okay?" "yea babe he is fine are you okay?" "yea just a bit of a headache" Before I could speak a nurse came in and asked me to leave. I got out and saw liam and harry. Harry immidietly stood up and pinned me to the wall his hand on my neck. I had no fucking idea on what was going on!
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