Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


28. 23

Nialls POV: She really loves this job she really does and I mean its amazing how happy she gets on the smallest thing oh well seeing her happy makes me happy I wish it stays like this forever. Mays POV: We headed to the car to go back to the suv Niall and I sat in the back Liam zayn and harry in the middle Paul drived and Louis sat in the passenger seat. "ITS TIME TO CELEBRATE" Louis shouted out of the blue "Celebrate what?" I asked confused "Celebrate your victory" "Oh no really we don't have to" "ah yes we do we knew it'd be successful so we planned it way before besides Its nothing big" liam explained. "you guys are the best" I squeeled. Soon we were dropped off to this nice looking resturant. We walked in it was a buffet resturant and to my surprise it was empty. "We booked it all" Niall said "wow it must've cost a fortune guys and its not even my birthdayy!" I exclaimed "relax jingles you really think we can't afford all that? Oh you never told is your birthdate. What is it?" Harry asked "16th of July, that's in 2 months" "Omygod! Really theo and you share the same birthday!" Niall exclaimed all happy "who's theo?" "He's my very first nephew he's turning one this July" he said "oh I wanna meet him" "Els birthdays also on 16th July" Louis said. Wow my birthdate is popular.LOL. "lets go now shall we" zayn said. We sat on the big table and beside it was a smaller table with a few boxes on them. A waiter came an put this huge wooden box on the table and went away. "open the box may" zayn said. I nodded and lifted the huge cover to find an amazing cake with our picture on it. In the picture I was standing in between zayn and Niall both of them were kissing my cheek harry was standing behind me his hands on my waist Louis was standing beside Niall and liam beside zayn. I squeeled in awe as I saw the cake it was an edible picture. Wow! "this is amazing thankyou sooo much guys!" "you deserve it all babe" said liam as I smiled at them. *after we ate our food(still in the resturant) "here you go" liam said handing me two boxes "congratulations chuckles proud of you" he said giving me a hug and wait "how many nicknames do I have?" "May, jingles, boo,babycakes, bubby and well chuckles cause you chuckle a lot" liam said "oh boy thankyou so much li" "open it may" he said I opened the box in it was a picture of us when I was taking their sizes the first day in the workshop. I opened the second box it had an iPhone cover which said "Liam Paynes' official stylist" it also had an ankle charm which had a butterfly shape on it. It was beautiful. "its beautiful li thankyou" I said pulling him into a hug. Niall then stood up and brought this huge box over to the table and placed it in front of me. I smiled at him and opened it and in it was a huge teddy bear which said 'Mayniall' it was the cutest thing ever. I looked closer and found a necklace around the neck of the teddy I grabbed it in my hand it had an infinity sign on which 'Niall' was engraved. Niall pulled the chain off the teddy and placed it arouse my neck. "congratulations beautiful" he said kissing me sweetly. "thankyou so much Ni" "okaaayyy , tooo much sweet my present" Lou said giving me his box I opened it to find a cute golden charm and a tshirt which said I have a crush on Louis tommo I chuckled and hugged him tight "thankyou boo bear" harry brought over his present I opened it. It contained a sundress and a fifty dollars itunes gift card. I hugged him as well and told him a thankyou. Zayn gave me a varasity jacket and an orignal pair of beats dj headphones! Aahhhhh! I screamed mentally as I pulled zayn into a bone crushing hug"thankyou so fucking much zayniieee me loves that!" He laughed and settles him self. We were talking about anything and everything when we heard a gunshot and the doors of the resturant flew open. I was completely horrified to see the view in front of my eyes. Ooo cliffhanger...... Meetax
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