Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


25. 21

Nialls POV: She was heck amazing i melted in her so perfectly like puzzle pieces. I didnt expect this but hey lifes full of surprises right? She lay right next to me on the floor both of completely bare everypart of our body touching each and all her nervousness seemed to wash away- "Shit" rehersals! "What's wrong ni?". "May rehersals we're late!" "oh fuck cmon we still have 15 minutes we can make it there" she said rushing towards the bathroom to change i checked my cell phone it had 17 missed calls from liam he sent me text saying that they were leaving and that I should come to the arena with the girls whi were leaving at 11 so basically we had half an hour before we leave may came out dressed in fresh clothes I pecked her lips quickly and told her about the girls plan and went off to change. *at the arena* We reached the arena 15 minutes late and trust me whole ride here was freakin embarrassing the kept questioning that what'd may and I do at night and well I told them the trutg that we didn't do anything last night cause what we did was like in the morning. May also tried to convince them but they didn't seem to buy it. Anyways we were escorted to the backstage and may was taken to the dressing room. *mays POV: "Here's the dressing room and inside I've kept all the clothes Simon sent and the makeup and essential styling tools. You may check the things and you'll have to stay here only yea?" Said Ben who was my helper here at this arena. I walked inside to find all the clothes i designed packed neatly in suit bags hung on a rack. The rack was huge and the whole of it was filled with my designs. I felt so proud. There was a huge wall in front of which two chairs were placed. This dressing room had everything i wanted for getting the boys dolled up for their concert. *few hours later* "guys I need you to cooperate with me I'm nervous your fans hate me already and if I mess up they'll hate me more" I said I was feeling selfish cause the whole day I tortured Niall telling him I felt nervous and blah blah blah. I was pulled out of my thoughts as five bodies jumped on me pulling me in a bone crushing hug. "we'll always be there for you don't ya worry jinglebells" liam said as he patted my shoulder. "like I told you boo, its impossible to fucking love you everyone will love you" Niall whispered in my ear I could see the smirk on his lips obviously cause these words only led us from being all emotional to having sex and heck yeah it was amazing. I leaned in and he kissed me with love and Passion we broke of realizing that the boys were in the room and they were uncomfortable with this. "ehm anyways 5 racks have been put up there each with your name on it take the clothes off the rack and change you've got exactly 5 mins." I said as they rushed over to the racks they all stripped in front of me. oh boy. I shook my head at them and plugged in the hair dryer. Niall changed first he came over and pecked my lips before sitting on the chairs in front of the mirrors. I put bleach on his front hair leaving it brown from below. I left his hair to get bleached while I worked on liams side quiff. I was done with liam so I got working on Nialls hair again. I pulled it upwards to the side and placed a hat behind it. I started working on zayns hair I gave it a messy look as it complemented his jaw line. I did harrys usual hair with a bandana setting. They all wore my clothing line and personally I thought they looked good. Niall: a white screen printed baggy tshirt with blue skinnies and black converse. Zayn: a checked button down shirt with black skinnies and converse. Harry: a white tank top with blue skinnies and converse. Louis: a tshirt with a quarter sleeved shirt on it with black skinnies and well black converse. Liam: he wore a black tanktop with blue skinnies and black converse. I gave them there finishing touches and they were called for the performance to begin. "you did a great job honey" Niall said as he kissed me on the lips. The others came and hugged me all whispering sweet things in my ears calming me down. "goodluck" I shouted as they left. I hope they like my style. The world is made up of hope and processing cause of hopes. A person can only hope.
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