Rolling in the DARK (Niall Horan)

Its so mesmerizing to know how a person can change from just the smallest mistakes. For niall and maybell their biggest mistake was to fall in love with each other.
How a small step wrong can turn your whole life upside down.
It can actually make you roll in the dark.


24. 20

Mature content* Nialls POV: "wakeup up boo" I lightly shook may who was sleeping in my arms. She stayed in my hotel room last night and no we didn't do anything even though i wanted to but ill wait till whenever she is ready. She stirred in my arms and I shook her again to see her beautiful chocolate brown eyes "goodmorning" I said as I pecked her lips "mornin" she replies lowly "cmon we gotta go today for the rehersals and you have to be at the arena as well common we got only 2 hours" I filled her in as she looked at me with sleepy eyes looking as cute as a puppy. I helped her off bed and she got into the bathroom to take a shower. I made us breakfast and when she came out looking as stunning as ever in skinnies and a hoody I pecked her lips once before going off to take a shower my self. Mays POV: Niall went in to take a shower as i ate my breakfast i was nervous as heck this is the boys biggest tour and I can't ruin it. This is my only chance and I have to get it right- I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt Niall shaking my arm "earth to may" he said chuckling "still nervous yea?" He asked "very" I replied still thinking of anything and everything that could go wrong "awwh come herebabe" Niall said gesturing me to come over the sofa he was now sitting on. I went over and he pulled me in his laps he rested his chin on my shoulders as his arms set on my thighs. "Dont worry babe they'll love you cause its impossible to not love you!" He said i turned around on his laps now facing him I just smiled and crashed my lips on his he just knew what to say everytime and i loved him I absolutely loved him. His tongue explored my mouth as his hands reached my neck I rested my hand on his chest. He stood up so my legs were Hung on his torso he laid me down on the sofa and climed on top of me. He took of my shirt as he trailed kisses along my neck and cleavage. His hand reached on my belt of my jeans and his hand tugged onto my underpants he massaged my clit a bit before completely removing my jeans and bra his kissed my nipples making me wet as fuck I took of his clothes "you sure you want it?" He asked "im sure as fuck"I replied he smiled as he entered me slowly he moved slow and nice and I swear it felt amazing he immediately found ny secret spot and I was in paradise he kept hitting my spot and i tried my level best to suppress my screams through moans. I pulled his face to me kissing him harshly. He flipped us over so now I was making the moves. He pulled me down to his side again both of us panting "i loveyou so much" he said "more than you can ever imagine" I replied.
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