Marauder jrs



2. The train and malfoy

The usual morning rush was worse than ever last minute packing and rounding up animals and getting to kings cross  station. Once we were all on the train hermione had a prefects meeting and went to the prefects carriage. Ron and Neville went to buy snacks and luna went to the bathroom which left harry and Ginny alone. Harry took advantage of the others absence by snogging  Ginny senseless the others arrived to sit down and caught Ginny and Harry at it and sat down. Just as the sat down malfoy came up and said weaselette got a boyfriend do ya. Ginny blushed and said animalatto ferret and malfoy turned into a ferret they all laughed . 


They listened to the usual announcements after the feast and then they went to the secret was amazing except for the training room witch harry just made some training dummies appear and then added some swords and it was perfect every couple had there own room. Harry and Ginny went to their room and unpacked where it was empty. Ron and hermione loved their room a lot as did luna and Neville as they headed to bed harry and Ginny went to there room and had the best night of their lives School wouldn't resume till Monday and it was only Tuesday. Quiditch would also start soon.

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