Kiss, Kiss

Silence. That's what they hear from me. Nothing. Not a word. Never have I ever spoken a single word in my entire life. They think there's something wrong with me. They've spent years trying to fix me, but if they think that with Kiss, Kiss around that I am going to speak, then they're horribly mistaken.


4. Chapter 4

 "Eliza Hewitt?" I looked up to hear my name being called from across the commons. There was a tall blonde standing in the doorway. I walked over to her. "Follow me." She said. On the way down to her office, she introduced herself. "Hullo, I'm Dr. Horan, and I'll be talking with you today. Now, everyone thinks that you have a problem. Crazy, even. Not me. I think you're just stubborn." She stopped abruptly and winked at me. She had gorgeous green eyes. Dr. Horan might not be that bad, I thought. But then again, she might just be trying to butter me up. Maybe if she's nice, I'll like her and I'll tell her everything. All my biggest, deepest fears and all my worst nightmares. I almost laughed at the thought. As if.

 Dr. Horan led me through a short hallway and into a large office with beige walls. How plain the room could have been if she hadn't spruced it up a bit. There was the normal office stuff like a desk and the spinny chairs, but she also had bright colorful rugs and a few children toys lying about. There was beanbags instead of chairs and pictures of her and her husband and what I believe to be her teenage son lining the walls. It was all so bright.

"You like? Did it meself." She said. I noticed an irish accent. I nodded and smiled politely. She gestured to a beanbag. "I have chairs, if you'd like. Just some of the kids like these better. Comfier, I guess." I sat in the beanbag. I would have assured her that the beanbags were fine, but I didn't want to be around Dr. Horan. She was too happy. "What about me pictures? Too many, some kids say. That me husband and me son, Niall. He's a junior this year at Ridgeway High. That's where you attend, yeah?" She asked. I nodded. "Junior?" I nodded again. I'd heard of Niall. Harry talks about him sometimes. They were going to start a band, I think. I'd never met him, though. "Small world." She commented quietly. I knew that the heavy stuff was about to begin.

"Well, enough with this petty stuff, yeah? I've spent me entire career dedicated to helping solve problems. And, well, your parents think that you being mute is a problem. But, instead of trying to come up with solutions, I must know, do you think that this is a problem? Because if you don't, then I don't believe I can help you here. If you don't think there is any fixing nessasary, then there would be no problem." She smiled. Of course I didn't think that this was a problem. I shook my head.

"Alrighty, then I guess that this will be it for our session today."

                                                                                          * * *

My dad was furious. "How could you tell her this?!" He boomed. "Of course it's a problem, stupid! Do you think I'd waste all of this money all this time if it weren't a problem?!" I stared blankly, as per usual. "Stop that! I can't deal with this anymore. Pack your bags, we've found a special place for you to go until you can get better."


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