Kiss, Kiss

Silence. That's what they hear from me. Nothing. Not a word. Never have I ever spoken a single word in my entire life. They think there's something wrong with me. They've spent years trying to fix me, but if they think that with Kiss, Kiss around that I am going to speak, then they're horribly mistaken.


3. Chapter 3

I had a doctor's appointment today. Dad thinks this could really be it. She's been known to "cure" the mute for the past ten or so years. He says it like I'm sick. I'm not. I feel fine. My temperature is normal. I'm a normal teenager. I just don't speak. Is that too hard to understand? As my dad drove me to the doctors, I began to panic. What if she thinks I'm stupid or tries to make me talk the entire time. I've had a few reccomend phyciatric hospitals. I've tried to express that I'm not crazy. I eat just fine, I act normally. Good grades. Sociable. I just don't talk. That's it. Why does that have to mean i'm crazy? My dad pulled in front of a small building.

"Okay. Have fun. I'll be here in an hour or so." He mumbled. He was never a man for words. I nodded and smiled, hoping my faux confidence would somehow convince him that I was fine. But he still let me out of the truck. He still drove away. He still didn't speak.

                                                                              * * *


Long time no update, yeah? Sorry. The doctor appointment and the aftermath will be up later. I ran out of time:) Love you guys!

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