Kiss, Kiss

Silence. That's what they hear from me. Nothing. Not a word. Never have I ever spoken a single word in my entire life. They think there's something wrong with me. They've spent years trying to fix me, but if they think that with Kiss, Kiss around that I am going to speak, then they're horribly mistaken.


1. Chapter 1

I am 17 years old. My name is Eliza Karleigh Hewit. My twin's name is Juliet Love Hewit. I live with my parents. My boyfriend's name is Harry Styles. He is in One Direction. He is famous.

 I list off everything I know. My councilor says that it's to keep my thoughts on track. She thinks that my mind wanders too off course for me to speak correctly, which is why I don't talk. Whatever, I don't tell them otherwise. I don't even know why I don't talk. I just never wanted to, I guess. I mean, nobody really cares that much anyways, I guess. Harry has never had a problem with it. Dad doesn't care about me. Mom's dead, who was the one who always encouraged me to speak. So, I guess there's no one left to care. Which, of course, doesn't bother me. I have Harry and the boys who care more about me, rather than my speech progress. And I love them for it. When I first met the guys, Harry was so nervous. We were just best friends at the time; it would be too weird, I thought. When I walked into the room, Louis grinned and ran up to me and kissed me on the cheek. I looked over at Harry and saw something I'd rarely ever seen: envy. I brushed it off, at least until later. The rest of the guys were pretty cool and, after Harry explained, didn't look at me funny when I just sat and stared at them when they asked a question. Since then, we've all been pretty close.

Later on that night, I saw that look on Harry again as I hugged each of the guys goodbye. I raised my eyebrows at him, but he pretended to not notice. A few minutes later, he pulled me over to a corner.

"Ezzie, you know, I've been thinking about us lately, and I think our mum's were right." Then, he kissed me. I should've known, really. Our mum's used to tell us that we were soulmates. Anne and Mum met at a pregnant women's zumba class. Their due dates were both on February 1st. That mere similarity sparked a lifelong friendship with both them and their kids. Harry popped out 31 minutes and 14 seconds before me, which is why I could never see us together when we were older. But, I guess some good things come in surprises. 


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